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Wife Seeks Raffy Tulfo’s Help Against Her Womanizer Husband

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A playboy is in danger of caressing the jail bars instead of his women after his fed-up wife filed charges against him for womanizing and lack of financial support to their two children.

Ladies Man

An angry wife went to Raffy Tulfo and asked for his help regarding her husband, who is not supporting their two young children after their separation due to his womanizing. Jane Del Kalinga narrated that he left her for another woman right after she gave birth to their youngest child.

She also accused him of punching her on the face at the height of their confrontation. She has pictures of her husband together with other women taken inside a motel.

The Conversation

Raffy Tulfo, for the sake of fair play, called the husband and tried to settle the issue by letting the couple talk to each other on air. The wife was so angry that she exploded and berated her philandering husband no end. Raffy Tulfo can be seen shaking his head and putting his palm on his face, knowing full well that there will be no amicable settlement that will happen.

The husband’s pleas fell on deaf ears as the wife was decided to pursue her case against her playboy husband. She said that there is a standing warrant of arrest for her husband.

To Be Continued

Raffy Tulfo wants to give reconciliation a final chance and requested the husband to personally come to the radio program and plead to his wife to withdraw the charges, for the sake of their children. Let’s see what will happen to this real-life drama.

Meanwhile, the video garnered support for the wife and wanted to see what will happen on the confrontation. Here are some of the netizen’s reactions:

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