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Video Footage of Tornado During Couple’s Wedding Goes Viral

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A video footage of a destructive tornado beating out an establishment in the middle of the wedding of a couple gone viral on social media.

The marriage is one of the most significant milestone that could ever experience by each and every person in their life.

The couples normally exchange vows and stating their love for each through the wedding ceremony, which is the beginning of their life together.

The headline of the news today is the widespread monitoring of PAG-ASA as Typhoon Ompong entered the Philippine Area of Responsibility since Wednesday. Today, its anticipated landfall will create huge damage to the whole Luzon and Central Luzon this weekend.

Every region and local government is now on red alert, where people from nearby seas and rivers are being forcibly brought to designated evacuation centers.

Recently, ABS-CBN a facebook page posted a video footage of a tornado ravaging a wedding ceremony grew like a wildfire online.

Despite the threat of typhoon Ompong, Marikina as one of the top cities that is expected to have the biggest need for rescue and keen eye of the government, some people and event just need to be celebrated and commemorated.

In the video, it can be observed that the newly-wed couple was blissfully appreciating their special day when a tornado swiftly lashes out the wedding reception.

The couple got shocked after hearing a strange noise coming from the tornado, which also cuts the electricity supply in the building causing fear to the crowd.

The video has a caption of:

“Sa kalagitnaan ng kasal na ito sa Marikina, sabay namang nanalasa ang isang buhawi. Video mula kay Allan Jerome Estuaria”

Ompong is currently hitting Isabela, Cagayan, and Batanes, but still, Metro Manila rivers are bound for monitoring, and definitely not excluded in the list of places which the typhoon will greatly cause harm.

Storm surges, landslides, and tornados are expected as Ompong stays in PAR until Sunday. Good thing is that the government is actively warning and putting everyone alert. Disaster pieces of equipment and relief goods are already sent to local regions and cities of Metro. Schools in all levels are as well pre-empted.

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