We have been seeing an alarming quantity of youths doing unlawful acts just because they know that they won’t get caught since they are still minors.

Another video of an outrageous act was caught by a netizen along Taft Avenue corner Pedro Gil where a group of teenagers mugged a jeepney full of passengers.

For fun?

The video started with three teenagers riding on the backside of the jeepney. As the video continues, it becomes apparent that several of their companions are already inside the jeepney.

They were robbing the passengers already, this prompted the other passengers to go down and flee.


As the passengers go down and run clinging their bag, an old man went down the jeepney, also looking to escape the wrath of the juvenile teens.

However, the teens did not let him. They proceeded in tackling him and forcing him to give what he is holding.

They tackled him and tried to snatch the blue bag he is holding. Two teens tried to get it but the man wouldn’t budge. They tried to get it until the man fell to the ground while still holding on to his belonging.

In the end, he was able to protect the bag from the rebellious teens. stood up and walked away, with the teens still looking at him.

Sad reality

This happened in broad daylight, around 1 pm on September 14, 2018.

It’s sad that this is what the youth has become, they became too open to doing bad things because they know they can’t get arrested.

Now think about it, are they still the future of the country?

September 14, 2018. 1:15 pm along Taft avenue, Pedro gil.Akala ko, yung mga batang nang aagaw ng pagkain na naman ito. Pero grabe, kawawa naman si tatay. Hindi ko alam kung ano yung inaagaw nila kay tatay. Kung makikita nyo po may hawak na stick yung batang naka green.Shinare ko po itong video para po maging aware ang mga commuters lalo na yung mga nag je-jeep at mga kina uukulan ng Maynila na maraming nag kalat na mga gantong klaseng mga kabataan at hindi mag pasikat.

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