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Van Overtakes A Tricycle In A Fast And Furious Style, Places Co-Drivers In Real Danger

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Driving isn’t an easy task. It needs a lot of guts and faith to make it to your destination. It is like taking a risk as if you are also in custody of the life of your passengers as well. De ath is inevitable and so does road collisions. The toll of road accidents is still huge, sometimes due to some reckless drivers who do not even consider their co-drivers.

Aggressive Driver

A video posted from a Facebook page, Angat Pilipino displays a white van which just quickly overtakes in a road almost hitting a tricycle. The video is taken through a dash cam of a concerned citizen. The tricycle driver and the forthcoming vehicle are lucky enough and quickly turn to save their lives.

Aggressive Driving or In Emergency?

There is no indication whether this is just a case of an aggressive driver or probably it is in a hurry probably because it is under an emergency situation. Through a video enhancer and keen eyes of the netizens, the plate was clearly identified as AAQ 4739. As of this writing, there is no statement gathered yet from the owner of the white van.

Netizens In Rage

The video made the netizens in the heat for it almost take a life. Some are calling out Land Transportation Office, Metropolitan Manila Development Authority and been tagging Nebrija as well. Netizens suggest that 5 thousand fine is not enough for the alleged reckless driver and that he has to learn his lesson through revocation of his license, never able to drive again.

However, with the several prospects from the netizens, a question of overtaking rules occurs. One netizen claims that the tricycle driver is at fault and should be the one to accuse of filling almost the other lane thus a fast and furious driving style of the van. Slammed by the netizens, most pressed that the van is at fault for not even giving a signal that he will overtake.

Here are some of the responses from the netizens.

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