An Overseas Filipino Worker or OFW has one of the toughest jobs in the world. They don’t just go away from their houses and go to work. Instead, OFWs leave their country and all of their families behind for a long period of time. Their job is not just near their houses, they go to a different country to seek a better future.

Before leaving, the toughest part of being an OFW is the separation. Saying goodbye to your loved ones is never easy. Particularly for the young children. Young kids still need their parents with them all the time. Seeing their parents leave for whatever cause is really tough and challenging to take.

A Facebook page posted a sad video. On the video, an OFW father on his way to leave the country. He was about to ride the bus that will take him to the airport, but his young child wouldn’t let him go. The young girl was already hysterical crying at the start of the video.

The father was already pulling out the arms of his child bound around him. He kept attempting to be strong despite the sadness he probably felt at that moment. Even though he got to walk away from his child to get on the bus, his kid still tried to follow him while crying her heart out.

Sadly, even the mother couldn’t control her little girl. Deep inside she knows how hurtful it is for their child to see her father leave. Even the bus operators are already comforting the kid saying that her father will come back. Still, the girl couldn’t do anything but to cry until eventually, she got tired.

Someday, we know when the girl grows up, she will get to understand why her father decided to be an OFW. We hope they still get to catch up with each other even when they are already miles away from one another.

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