A stuntman identified as Luke Aikins jumped off from an aircraft at 25, 000 feet above the ground in Simi Valley, California. In addition, he is the first person to fall from high altitude without using a parachute or a wingsuit. He made a record as he descended safe and sound in a wide net hung hundreds of feet above ground by a set of cranes.

Media aired his stunt titled with “Stride Gum Presents: Heaven Sent” that earned millions of viewers. Although his stunt went through various trials as he planned the jump for two years. He took a lot of training and perfected each detail to ensure his overall safety.

During his free fall, he was guided by three support jumpers that included his cousin and fellow aerial stuntman Andy Farrington. After he deployed himself, Aikins aimed to hit the safety net. Good thing he landed successfully within two minutes and avoided any physical injuries.

A day before his big leap, authorities required him to wear parachute gears for safety purposes. However, the brave stuntman declined to do so.

Aikin shared during a television interview,

“My whole life has been about air, aviation, flying, jumping, all that stuff,”

He added that his stunt came in with a purpose and to serve as an inspiration to other people. The skydiver added,

“I’m out here to show that there are ways to do things that people think are insane and aren’t able to be done.”Aikin’s daredevil stunt is now written in history books as the first person ever to jump from high feet above the ground without any parachute. Netizens in the comments section dropped their jaw in surprise, too.

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