When we think about vacation activities, swimming quickly appears to our minds. Both kids and adults can clearly experience this activity. But the risks it can bring can’t also be refused, especially for kids who don’t know how to swim. Recently, a Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office (MDRRMO) member surprise the netizens after he was able to recover a child through Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).

This phenomenal event has been uploaded by a Facebook page Argao Skimboarding Association. The video immediately went viral.

In the uploaded video, MDRRMO member, Joseph Falcone was currently Lawis Point, Argao, Cebu when the event occurred. Thankfully, MDRRMO held their skimboarding tournament on the said place. He performed a CPR on the unconscious four-year-old child. Because of his awareness and quick response, he was able to save the kid from great danger.

Many people obviously worried about the child’s safety. For a few seconds, all of them thought that the kid wouldn’t make it but to their surprise, the kid recovered his consciousness as he gasped for air. People immediately cheered for Joseph’s successful rescue. The background of the video also shows other tourists as they clap and cheer for the child.

If it wasn’t because of Joseph, the kid wouldn’t have any chance of survival. After this, the kid was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital. Without the MDRRMO member’s help, things wouldn’t definitely end well. Many people immediately thanked him for his quick actions.

Watch the video below

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