Besides babies, senior citizens are the really adorable form of human beings. Senior citizens fill us with thousands of reminiscences, experiences, and tales. But, like babies, they also need regular care and affection. On Facebook, a video of two old women went viral.

The old women on the viral video were happily dancing to Vhong Navarro’s popular song “Totoy Bibo.“ Towns or families play this song normally during fiestas or huge family reunions or gatherings. In this case, the even was not identified, but the song was being sung in what sounds like a karaoke.

Compared to other seniors, the lolas were surprisingly active. They didn’t have much look on their faces but they were giving big hand gestures during their production. They were shaking their bodies as if there was no tomorrow.

The netizens commented and noticed their energy despite their age. Some of them thought that aging in a province is much healthier than aging in the city. Due to the pollution problems in the country, their remarks may be true.

However, according to a US study about elderly people living in rural areas, these old men and women experience social isolation. Statistics show that in the US, 23% of the rural population are over retirement age. In Urban areas, only 18% are over retirement age. According to the results of their study, having ill-health is worse in rural areas.

Although urban areas are more polluted, they have most of the best medical institutions that can provide for any elder’s needs. Besides hospitals, they also have easier access to government offices, supermarkets, and many more.

Luckily, compared to other cultures, Filipino culture doesn’t believe in leaving their elder relatives in senior homes. In our culture, we prefer to take care of our own regardless of their age and status. This shows that we are more family-oriented and that we care about what they want.

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