As prices stay to rise and stocks become limited, the rice disaster in our country is apparently meeting its all-time high. The national issue of rice deficiency, whether if it is true or not, is one that should be taken sincerely, everyone is forced to be concerned by the dilemmas such as this.

But an announcement from the Department of Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Piñol refutes the claims that the Philippines is suffering a rice shortage. Despite this, the people can be challenging to convince given the current problem of inflation. With this, TV host and politician, Greco Belgica shared information via a Facebook vlog that might help ease the pressure regarding the rice issue.

According to his video, an unnamed businessman keeps sacks of rice hidden in a warehouse in Binondo. This warehouse was allegedly discovered by police officers from the area.

Authorities like the National Food Authority and Bureau of Customs lead inspections all over disreputable warehouses that might stock hoarded rice sacks. However, explaining that a rice hoarding business is actually taking place in a private property is not an easy task to do, which is why the journey has been nothing but slow and painful.

Greco Belgica reported the rice hoarding situation he testified in a warehouse in Binondo. According to him, an overwhelming pile of rice sacks shook him as he entered the place. The calculated price is around 300 million pesos. His conclusion was that this might be a contributing factor to the ‘rice shortage’ our country is experiencing.

“Meron daw rice shortage pero eto ang dami-dami namang bigas. Kulay dilaw pa!,” the TV host exclaimed.

It is a common knowledge by now that rice hoarding is affecting the way rice circulates in our country. It might have an effect on the prices and supply, too. This has been a long-standing problem of the country.

But as long as no one is punished and charged for this types of the misdemeanor, nothing will ever change. The problem we are facing will just grow right in front of our faces.

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