It looks like not all ‘trust fall’ can be trusted. People arrived with various exercises to improve a group’s bond. We normally see this in team building exercises during group outing or field trips.

These activities are used to form fellowship amongst a various group of people and to form a connection between each and every one of them.

These activities also help people to learn to light up with people who they are not close with. In a company set-up, employers believe that this could improve ease up pressures in the workplace and create a cooperative working relationship among employees.

Probably one of the most famous activities in team building activities is the trust fall wherein a person folds his or her arms on their chest and intentionally let him or herself fall with the intention of being caught by the other person or group.

There have been several variations of this exercise. Sometimes, it is done by pairs where one person falls and the other person catches. Another variation is that a group of individuals will form a circle and one person is inside of it. The goal is to let the person fall in different directions while being caught by everyone around him or her.

What is believed to be the most dangerous one though is the trust fall where one person stands on an elevated platform while there were a group of people waiting to catch him or her below.

But this kind of trust fall does not always go perfectly.

Just like what happened to a group of Chinese women. The video was posted by a Facebook page.

It showed a video of women who were all wearing red, executing the trust fall exercise.

One person was standing on a chair positioned on an elevated platform. The women waiting for her fall created a net using their arms.

But the impact of the woman’s fall might have been too hard that the arms of the women below her could not take her weight.

She ended up falling on the floor and unfortunately, hitting her head. Though it seems like the woman did not procure any serious injury.

Watch it below

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