Commuters have it really difficult. On a regular basis, passengers push themselves to wait in line no matter how long and humid. They deal with the traffic and long walks only to get to work on time. Sometimes, demands more strength to use public transportation than working itself. A video caught an arrogant passenger was disagreeing with other passengers.

A video uploaded on social media and gone viral. It’s one of the several cases in commuting. Netizens who have seen it are outraged as to how the passenger was acting.

In the video, the man was arrogantly speaking to other passengers inside the vehicle. Apparently, the fiery conversation began when one of the passengers clutched themselves beside him. According to him, there was a lot of area inside the jeep, and he was irritated at the fact that they sat beside him.

The other passengers argued back at him telling him that he didn’t own the jeepney and that all passengers are free to occupy where they want. The quarrel went on and on.

What the man was trying to explain is that there should be a first-come-first-served principle inside the jeepney. Some netizens agreed to what the man was proposing to tell. However, they also conceded that he may have gone overboard trying to show his point.

Other netizens, despite, thought that the passenger was being arrogant. According to them, if he desired to have things his way he should have taken a cab instead.

There have been many struggles within the public transportation units as seen in social media. It’s not the safest place that’s why it is essential to constantly be careful with your surroundings. If possible, try to dodge having quarrels with other passengers, too. Your top priority should be your own protection.

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