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Little Boy Sweetly Takes Care Of His Bedridden Grandmother

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There’s nothing delightful than seeing a senior take care of a young child. We are practiced to seeing photographs and videos of grandparents as they play with their grandchildren on social media. These situations have never failed to put a smile on our faces each time we see one on our news feeds. But with the case of a little child in Brazil, he was the one taking care of his sick grandmother.

Their moment has been apprehended on video by his own mom, Michelle Botta, and was eventually posted on Facebook to reach good vibes on the internet.

But besides spreading good vibes, Michelle also tries to teach other kids and their parents on how valuable their grandparents are. In the uploaded clip, the little boy was busy as he serves his grandmother with a freshly-cut papaya. Delicately holding his spoon, the cute child shoveled out the fruit to make it comfortable for the elder to chew. Her grandmother was patiently waiting for her food as she lay down in bed.

Her mother was very impressed with her son’s thoughtful gesture and has chosen to record it on her phone. It can’t be doubted that she is totally thankful to have such a great child. The love between the little man and his grandmother is also quite indisputable. There’s no doubt that Michelle has successfully trained her child right.

Watch the video here:

Like her, many netizens were also touched by the young man’s sweet gesture. Some of them even stressed how they miss their own grandparents and that they are willing to do anything just to make them happy. While some praised Michelle for teaching her son to have a soft heart when it comes to elders.

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