A heartbreaking photo of a 6-year-old girl manually managing an air pump as a nebulizer to reduce the burden his dad is feeling. Her dad is experiencing Emphysema and due to a shortage of finances, they could not manage to buy a nebulizer.

They say that fathers are every daughter’s, first true love. But in this present and digital world that we live in, we rarely see children display their love for their parents. They may be occupied with school and with their gadgets that they often overlook to show their love for their fathers.

In a heartwarming photo shared by Ian Carlos Simbuyan on Facebook, we can clearly see and feel the love of a 6-year-old girl, Catherine, for her father. Her father is diagnosed with Emphysema, which makes it hard for him to breath easily and needs to be regularly given medications using a nebulizer. Due to their poverty, they could not afford to buy a nebulizer for him, instead, Catherine is using a manual air pump so that his father can be given the medications he badly needs for his sickness.

The heartbreaking situation of the family caught the attention of GMA 7, where their story was featured in the show Front Row. Because of the exposure and also with the help of social media, there is an outpouring of offers to help the family of Catherine.

People were inspired by the love that Catherine has for her father. Despite her age, she already taught us a lesson about unconditional love, a love that is pure and selfless. By showing her love for her father, Catherine also reminded us to love our own parents, while we still can, while they are still here with us before it’s too late.

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