Anyone’s youth wouldn’t be whole without doing something weird and hilarious as a kid. Have you encountered making a magic trick when young? Most of the time, the most simple illusions could interest an innocent mind. Just take a look at this young boy who proudly showed off his magic. Little did he knew, this trick will be tragically revealed.

In the viral video, the child was emphasizing the green straw he held. He inserted it in a long white tube. Apparently, he was making some magic trick in front of the camera. As if a true magician, he pushed the green straw inside and it started to come out to the other side of the tube as a pink straw.

He was even confident when he said the word “magic” repeatedly. Of course, he made it possible to fully hide the green straw. Moments later, another little boy approached him and asked what he was doing.

The clueless magician even offered him to try it for himself. However, his unwanted visitor had a different idea on his mind. Without warning, the other boy quickly pulled the straw and revealed the cheat on his magic.

Apparently, the green and pink straws were connected with tape. That’s why it made the green one vanish and the pink straw to appear when he inserted the former inside. Much to his surprise, the other child even happily announced his cheating.

Once the trick was exposed, the magician suddenly became frustrated. No wonder, he grabbed the intruder’s head and continuously showered it with punches. The crying boy even called out for his mother and complained about what happened. When he harshly pulled the other child’s hair, the playful boy remained to laugh despite the blows received.

Many netizens were entertained after watching the messy and hilarious ending of this video. After all, this is one of the best magic failures the internet has witnessed so far.

Watch The Video Below:

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