When the subject of who’s the greater parent is, does the work of each parent has a bearing? That is the difficulty faced by the parents of a 7-year-old child, as they fight over the guardianship of their child.

Mary Joy Camba, an entertainer from Japan, went to the public service program of idol Raffy Tulfo to ask his help in getting custody of her 7-year-old child. Her child was staying with her ex-boyfriend and father of the child.

Mary Joy accused her boyfriend of being a bum, with no proper work but to dance in gay bars. She also said that she was a victim of physical ab.use when they were still living together. Furthermore, she insisted that he forces his child to do chores like washing clothes at such a young age. He is also a womanizer, Mary Joy added.

In the spirit of neutral programming, Raffy Tulfo In Action let the boyfriend, Alvin Manaois to shield himself from the allegation thrown upon him by her ex-girlfriend. He stated that he took care of their child since the baby was just 6 months old because his girlfriend was on Japan. He rejected the charges that he was a bum, in fact, he remained working in the gay bar and also told her girlfriend not to transfer money since he is earning his own keep.

He also cited her girlfriend of bringing several Japanese customers here in the Philippines where they would sleep in a hotel. He also described a time when her ex-girlfriend had a video call with a Japanese while she and her child was bathing ex. posed.

It seemed like idol Raffy Tulfo was in a dilemma because both parents seem to be incompetent of taking good care of their child. Both of them have their own weaknesses. However, in custody cases like this, according to the law, A child who reached 7 years old, needs to decide between her mother or her father, so the outcome of this issue holds on the decision of the child.

Let’s wait for the conclusion of this family saga as we await the decision of their child.

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