Marriage is a sacred union of two individuals promised to love and take care of each other through thick and thin. It was a big responsibility being a wife or a husband as well as being good parents to your children. There had been a viral post that made rounds on different social media platforms about a husband who wanted his wife back despite the fact that she is bearing a child from another man!

Wilma Pajulas, the 28-year old wife who went to Manila to work and left her family in Dumaguete. When she is already in Manila, she then sent a message to her husband saying that she is pregnant. The husband talked to her and convinced her to come back home as he is willing to accept the child. Wilma said that he should give her a visit to reconcile and talk about their relationship.

The husband then went from Dumaguete to Bulacan but his wife did not come in their supposed to be reconciliation. The husband seek help to Raffy Tulfo’s program to win his wife back. When they have been interviewed by Raffy Tulfo, Wilma confirmed that the child is actually his husbands’ but the husband doubted that since his wife who doesn’t have a job leaves home early and comes back home late.

The wife then refute that she is doing some groceries and internet surfing in her 9 hours away from home. She also left her 5-year old child in the care of their neighbor.

After a while, the wife revealed that she was being hurt by her husband and he doesn’t have any concern about her especially when she was sick. Raffy Tulfo was convinced by the wife that his husband is not a good spouse that is why she do not want to be with him ever again. The host also promised that he will help Wilma get the custody of their child, which the husband immediately agreed.


Source:Youtube, ManilaFlash

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