Home Entertainment 7-year old boy became a billionaire just because of toys! Meet the Youtube’s highest paid star.

7-year old boy became a billionaire just because of toys! Meet the Youtube’s highest paid star.

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We all love children isn’t? Especially those children who are really entertaining! Children adds color and happiness to any home. From their morning cries to their afternoon giggles and their sleepy evening caress. But would you imagine a 7-year old kid who actually is a millionaire already because of his toys!

Vlogging is a video blog short for video blogging that uses a video as its medium. It is very popular nowadays not just to young audiences but to different kinds of individual who aims to watch and informative video, an entertaining or even a toy’s review!

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You will be surprised to know that the youtube’s highest paid star is actually a 7-year old kid! He recently rounds in different social media platforms because at an early age he is already a millionaire.

And he earned those hefty amount of money just by playing his toys.It may be peculiar to some people but it is actually a particular thing nowadays as technology and social media had really been a basic necessity in any house holds.

The child’s youtube channel- “Ryan Toysreview”, you will surely be amazed that every little kid’s dream is to unbox and unbox so many toys and enjoy playing those! He already has 17.3 million subscribers. The said channel was launched in 2015 when his parents decided to share his videos and playing moments. It became popular to many kids and adults and already have a total of almost 26 billion views and had earned a total of $22 million or around 1.16 billion pesos in just 12 months!

And now he already have his own toy line and apparel named “Ryan’s World”. This is the reason why he became the youtube’s highest paid stars.

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