For a business to be successful, one should be able to gain loyal customers. There is this doughnut shop in Seal Beach, California that was owned and managed by a couple for three decades. The owner of the Donut City, John Chhan and Stella wakes up early to sell donuts in their shop. Though they have been refugees they live an honest living in their community, no wonder that their neighborhood and other customers loved their donuts.

For several decades now, the couple served delicious donuts not just in their neighborhood but to some random individuals as well that after some time actually earned them their loyal customers. Just recently, the wife had been diagnosed with an aneurysm and had to undergo rehabilitation. Though it had been very difficult for the husband to run the shop by himself because of his sick wife, he still tries his best to sell donuts and take care of his wife afterward.

Many of his loyal customers had known about his situation and had helped the poor husband to the best they can by buying donuts in dozen early in the morning for him to close his shop early and be able to go to his wife. The customers also shared this to some of their friends and relatives for them to help the old couple as well. Because of the help of each other, the donuts were all sold out and the shop was closed as early as 8 am and he can finally visit and take care of his wife, Stella.

Though some of his customers suggest a fundraising campaign for them he immediately refused it and said that he only needed more time to spend with his wife. What a touching and heartfelt story isn’t?


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