We often picture most policemen in our minds as big, fat and surly authorities. They are also the one who enforces the law and stop vehicles to conduct inspections or to impose a charge especially to most of the drivers who did not abide by the law. They are also the person whom our mothers threaten us about, that if we do not behave properly they might be able to catch us and imprison us because of our improper behavior.

But as years go by, such belief is now converted into a much more positive one. Especially when a photo of this policeman went viral on different social media platforms. One of his photo while working garnered a lot of positive comments from many netizens. His good looks definitely captured the heart of many people especially women. Unlike some policemen who had a strong feature this viral policeman had an angelic face and that maybe the reason a lot of people seems to fall immediately.

Because he often times wore his uniform netizens easily recognized him as Luc Gal Ang. His physical appearance had always overshadowed his co-workers as many people noticed him a lot having such an angelic face! Some netizens had also commented that he can also be a promising actor or a future model because of his masculine look and charming personality.

Some netizens even joke around that the said police officer shall not be capturing their hearts but hunting those bad guys down. And if you are wondering if he is still available, we are very sorry to tell you this but he is totally taken.

He is already married to this lovely woman named Christine Yntatano as the netizens can see in his social media account. Some women expected him being single and available but the sad news shattered their dreams and fantasies towards the handsome officer.

Though his good looks earned a lot of positive comments and praises, his love and commitment to his duties shall never be taken for granted as well.


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