A wedding is indeed one of the most awaited celebrations of everyone especially to women. It is given enough time and preparation to make it as perfect as possible to the bride and groom. It is a celebration of love, unity, and forever! Everybody dreams of having their own special and perfect wedding.

But what if something happens on the day of your wedding? Would you postpone that very special day? Or should you push it through?

This actually happened to the bride and groom in Capiz were typhoon Usman had greatly affected. Simeon and Glory Llorente proves that despite any odds they will still continue with their wedding ceremony. The day of their wedding is not your typical wedding day but it was still full of love and inspiration.

Together with their loved ones and friends, the couple conquered the flood and the aftermath of the typhoon Usman. According to the viral post, the bride walked down the aisle with her parents. The guests and the visitors soaked their feet on the water, put off their shoes and step on the kneelers foam just to witness the wonderful union of the couple.

Their wedding was held in Jagnaya, Jamindan in Capiz. They are a great inspiration to many individuals, do not be afraid on some changes for some of those changes can be a lot more memorable than ever.


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