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Dao Ming Si doesn’t seem to aged a bit in his viral photos!

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Jerry Yan also was known as Liào Yáng Zhèn is a Taiwanese actor, singer, and model. Who can ever forget about the “Meteor Garden” fever? The “kilig-to-the-bones” moments of Shan Cai with the F4 members. The Taiwanese drama program was indeed a big hit here in the Philippines. All of its casts was loved and admired by many Filipinos. But one of its main character that really captured our hearts is the character of Dao Ming Si that was portrayed by the Taiwanese actor Jerry Yan.

But have you ever wonder where is he now? He is now 42 years old! And his recent photos really surprised his fans and left them all in awe. Many people can’t get enough with this handsome man that doesn’t really seem to age, even a bit!

Many netizens felt nostalgic as they once again saw their first ever love! Even before other Korean celebrities and heartthrobs conquered our world, there was the F4 group especially Dao Ming Si that had captured all our hearts. Some netizens also shared their experiences as young people who wanted to go home early from school just to watch their favorite “Meteor Garden” drama series. Are we going to see the F4 and Shan Cai once again? Meteor Garden fanatics will surely be waiting for that day to come.

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