A wedding is a holy ceremony that is cherished by many people especially the bride and the groom. But what would you feel if that sacred ceremony was interrupted by a delivery man who was supposed to deliver a package that the bride ordered in an online shop?

Many people were surprised that the very unusual event actually happened in reality that many of us never expected. The bride named Peny was going to marry her longtime boyfriend. But before signing their marriage contract, a postman who was supposed to do his job and hurry to finish all his deliveries entered the scene to let the bride sign the receiving document.

Though the postman had no other option but to do his job, he just shyly do what he should do. The bride was also the very game in signing the said papers. After that, they never forget to take a photo with their unexpected guest.

Some netizens praised the man as he can probably be one of the most dedicated postmen of all while others even asked if they invited the postman in their wedding’s reception. Meanwhile, other people actually asked if he has done the right decision to interrupt such an important event in someone’s life.


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