Angelica Jane Yap also is known as the “Pastillas Girl” is a 24-year old YouTube celebrity and YouTube sensation. She became known on her viral video on how to make a creamy, milky, and sweet dessert Pastillas but with a very different twist as she associated it by how her boyfriend had fooled her.

She has also been a part of the noontime show It’s Showtime. She was invited on the popular noontime show to have a segment for her where she can finally look for a man that will become her partner. When the segment finally came to an end, the ex-boyfriend asked for another chance that she eventually accepted.

As they were given another chance in love, the two was said to be engaged in early 2017. As Angel and Enzo maintain their YouTube Channel, they never fail to amazed their followers as they do all the challenges posted for both of them.

She had also been featured on the December 2017 issue of the FHM men’s magazine. Again, she nailed it! And many people were astounded that she actually became an alluring and gorgeous woman now, after what she had experienced before. Netizens were happy that she is not very happy and contented, and a very lovely woman indeed!

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