Love, a big world it is! Many of us finally found our better half, the love of our lives. Though there are still some people who keeps on finding them for quite sometime now, just wait a little longer and pray for that special person to come your way.

Who could ever forget about Ate Glow who impersonated the former President Gloria Arroyo? Do you ever wonder where she is now? Maybe you’ll be a little bit jealous on what she became now.

She is happily married to her loving husband Mr. Hampshire. Renee Hampshire popularly known as Ate Glow finally found the man of her dreams who will appreciate and love her for who she is.

July 2, 2016 when they finally tied the knot in the Chelsea Registry Office at London, United Kingdom. After their wedding Mrs. Hampshire had a vacation in the Philippines and had favored the invitation of “Magandang Buhay” of Kapamilya network where she revealed their “kilig” love story.

She said that they met in an online app for wine and alcohol lovers. She noticed that Mr. Hampshire frequently liked her posts. After her show in Italy they agreed to meet in London and she was surprised about his effort and he even brought her to a nice restaurant. And that was the start of her wonderful and inspiring story. I bet you definitely wished to have a man like Mr. Hampshire.

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