Who would not know about the brave and helpful personality of Raffy Tulfo? Raffy Tulfo is a 58-year old Filipino broadcast journalist whose work focuses on government and private sector issues. He was often praised for his generous help to many people who are in need and those who have been taken advantage by other people. As he was known to be a straightforward and fearless man, he is a very different person with his children.

Raffy Tulfo’s daughter Maricel is known to be a Daddy’s girl ever since she was young. Her father was very proud of her as well as she is now a beautiful and loving woman. She also shared that she can always talk to her dad even it if it is about her love life and that her dad was really a very different person when he was with his family and friends. She is very proud to say that her father is also her best friend.

But like other relationships, there came a time that they are also experiencing misunderstanding and “tampuhan” but they always see to it that those will be resolved as soon as possible. She was indeed blessed to have such a cool and very supportive dad!


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