Christopher “Boyet” Strauss de León is a 62-year old actor and politician. He was known for his acting prowess and for portraying over 120 films since 1970. It was 2010 when he was sworn into office as the board member of the 2nd district of Batangas.

Maria Angelica de Leon or simply Mariel de Leon is the daughter of the award-winning actor Christopher de Leon and actress Sandy Andolong. Aside from being their daughter, she was also known in her stint at Bb. Pilipinas in 2017. She joined the pageant 2 consecutive years, though she didn’t make it at first, she eventually won Ms. International where she represented the country in Tokyo, Japan.

But just recently she had posted in her social media account her true perspective in ending her journey as a beauty queen. According to her posts, she doesn’t want to be called a beauty queen anymore because it already means nothing to her and that women are not whatever “title” the society chooses them to be. She also added that women are much more than that.

Despite her new perspective in life, she was still very grateful to the opportunities she had experienced. She also said that what matters most to her is herself, family, dogs, arts and classical music.


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