Having a child is a great blessing to many people. Almost all women wanted to experience the motherhood journey as well as men wanted fatherhood. Being a parent was indeed a challenging and a big responsibility. The story of Daljinder Kaur who wanted to have a child despite their age is also a story of many of us. Her wife gave birth to their child at 72 years old, the oldest woman to give birth in the world.

They wanted to have their own child long ago but after 46 long years, their prayer of having their own bundle of joy had been answered finally! The couple had undergone an IVF or the “In Vitro Fertilization” wherein a sperm and egg cell was harvested and when it was successfully fertilized, it will be soon transferred to a uterus to let it develop until it is ready to be delivered into the world.

Even though it was an expensive process, the couple still tried everything and saved their money for them to finally had their baby. And after 2 years of undergoing the procedure 3 times, they were very glad to welcome their baby boy. He is named Armaan weighing 3.9 lbs. Because of her age, the wife already stopped breastfeeding Armaan at 3 months, that is why at 15 lbs the baby is underweight. But despite this fact, the baby boy is still a happy cute little boy.

Meet the Indian IVF doctor making mothers at 70


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