Judy Ann Santos Agoncillo is a 40-year old Filipino film and television actress, recording artist, and film producer married to Kristoffer Lou Gonzales Agoncillo or simply Ryan Agoncillo. He is a 39-year old Filipino film and television actor, model, singer, photographer, and TV host. They are blessed with 3 children namely, Johanna Louis, Juan Luis, and Juana Luisa.

Recently, the couple’s Unico Hijo made rounds on social media because of his handsome looks at a very young age. The eight-year-old son of Judy Ann and Ryan Agoncillo captured the hearts of many netizens because of his charming and innocent looks. He really looks like his father as many netizens and a lot of people had noticed. Aside from the good looks, he also probably got his father’s lifestyle as they are both active and they do love sports as well!


Children are indeed a great blessing from above to their beloved parents. Watching them grow can be a little bit tricky as parents will be surprised that their little child is now becoming a grown-up man. The couple was also an inspiration to many other parents and couples out there as they are raising their children to be faithful, responsible, and kind-hearted person.


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