The neighbors of the old woman in Cavite was concerned about finding her children.

Although it is difficult for the old woman to take care of herself and she is just begging for food and medicine from the neighbors.

The neighbors called the attention of the people to immediately find the children of the old woman.

The neighbors show her concerned about an old woman who lives alone and no one takes care of her and the old woman was identified as Ceny Catalo who resides in Rosario Cavite.

In the post of Jhane Cayetano Villanueva, she called the attention of the old woman’s children because the poor old woman is always hungry, no food supplies and only begging for medicines with her neighbors.

It has been witnessed the condition of the Old woman Ceny who was just lying down on the layers of cardboard on the ground.

The neighbors wanted to immediately find the children of Ceny named Deserie Catalo and Mary Ann Catalo who allegedly went abroad.

Perhaps they did not know the condition of their mother, so Jhane post would be spread and inform her children the actual condition of their mother Ceny through social media that their mother was living alone and no one takes care of her.

It was noticeable that the old woman has difficulties in walking because of the wood stick she used as an aid for walking.

Meanwhile, even though some netizens have shared negative comments and reactions with the children of the old woman, they still want to find them to help the poor old woman.

What can you say about this? Are you angry with the children of the old woman because of her heartbreaking situation? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and opinions with us.

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