Since Mila had served in the house of Montecarlo as a house helper, she greatly admires her employer Johnny. For her, it was a prince and she almost fantasizing every night.

The young man said to her.

“Mila, wash my pants and T-shirt!”

Mila replied.

“Yes, sir. I’ll take care of it,”

Every time she talks to him she seems hears the voice of an angel coming down to heaven but when his mother, Madam Rina talks to her, she hears an angry dem0n.

Her employer was so harsh and snobbish that is why no other house helpers stayed longer in their home. She was fortunate enough that Madam Rina trusted her mother Rose, the laundrywoman of the family.

The woman employer said to Mila.

“What is it? Why is the bathroom still so dirty? Just clean it, then, speed up!”

Mila shouted.

“Yes madam, I’m just finishing it up!”

Even stressed at work her tiredness was removed every time she saw Johnny hanging around the house especially when the young man had no upper shirt.

Her body starts to warm up when she saw the gorgeous body of Johnny.

Sometimes even she walks going to the market as if her mind was in the cloud because of thinking Johnny.

So her younger friend Zenki was teasing her, a young construction worker and has a secret longing to her.

Zenki said to her.

“Who else do you think, Mila? Is Johnny again?”

Mila said to Zenki.

“You’re jealous? Of course, no one can beat you. You’re my best friend!”

One night, no one else was in the house because madam Rina went with her mother to the province. The only thing left was she and Johnny.

As she arranged the food she saw it leaving the room, carrying a glass of wine. The young man was dr*nk.

Johnny asks.

“Is it you, why you are not resting?”

Mila responds.

“I have a lot to do.”

Johnny invited her to drink.

“Stop it, join me drinking!”

Because she does not want that Johnny will be embarrassed, she obeyed the instruction, She took the empty glass.

Because that was not the kind of alc0h0l that was hard in the throat that she wants to drink. Until she felt dizzy. The spirits of the wine affect her.

She did not realize that the hands of Johnny were on her arms and neck.

Johnny said to her.

“You’re beautiful, Mila. I know you have a crush to me, is that true?”

Mila blushed and seen on her face. because she had in the influence of alc0h0l she was brave expressing her feelings to the young man.

Mila admitted.

“Sir, I have a crush on you, it has been a long time.”

After a while, the young man took her into his room. She was put in the bed and quickly stripped off the clothes. When she has no longer have the dress, the young man immediately removed his clothes and went at the top of her.

Johnny got her feminity the whole night until the young man reached the peak of glory and finally finished. because of tiredness he immediately fell asleep on the bed while she was left in shock.

One month passed and one incident that shock Mila that she needs to confess to her mother.

The young woman said to her mother.

“Mother, I am pregnant!”

Aling Rose asks her.

“Who is the father of the child?!”

Mila said.

“Sir Johnny.”

Aling Rose was surprised.

“What? It should not! He should be responsible for this of what he had done!”

The mother went immediately to the house of Montecarlo and tried to talk to the young man.

The mother of Mila shouted.

“Sir Johnny, Sir Johnny! Come out!”

Madam Rina went out of the house. The old woman met her.

“Why are you angry?”

Mila’s mother shouted.

“Bring out Sir Johnny. he needs to be responsible for the pregnancy of Mila and he ‘s the father!”

Madam Rina answers.

“What responsibility do you mean? My son has no responsibility. Could you please? My son will not accept the responsibility because of the stupidity of your daughter!”

Aling Rose did not know that Mila followed her and saw that she was kneeling to madam Rina.

Aling Rose begs to Madam Rina.

“Please Madam, Johnny had to answer my daughter. She would not be disgraced,” 

Madam Rina said.

“No! Johnny is not responsible for that. Another thing, he’s gone here. H left the country last night to study in America. He will not come back here!”

Because of the resentment, Aling Rose was heart att4cked and unconscious in front of the old woman.

Mila wept.

“Mother, Mother! Wake up, mother!

Madam Rina shouted.

“Hey, get out here! I’ll call the police if you do not go!”

The neighbors were pity at Aling Rose and they helped them to send to hospital but her mother was d34d on arrival.

A few weeks later, Mila was at the train station and waited for a trip to Manila. She would go far away and would like to forget the sad thing in her life, Johnny did not take responsibility for his son.

What she did not know that the young man is a womanizer, it is his behavior to leave women when he got what he wants. And the worst was the loss of her mother because of resentment with what had happened to her.

While remembering the past a familiar voice calls her name.


When she looks back at the voice she saw the charming face of Zenki carrying luggage.

Zenki said to her.

“I will not ket your son grow up with no father, Mila. I will be the father and I will be responsible to be your husband.”


He stopped her from talking and held her hands.

“I love you very much, Mila. let e show you how much I love you.”

She could not control in tears on what the young man had said to her until the train arrived and both of them went away to forget and create a new dream.

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