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Isang Tindera Ang Na-trap Sa Gumuhong Supermarket Dahil Sa Lindol, Pinaputol Ang Paa Para Makalabas Na Sa Gusali

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The recent earthquakes resulted in various injuries among the people in the affected places particularly in the town of Porac, Pampanga.

The magnitude 6.1 earthquake that shook Central Luzon and other parts of Metro Manila and Southern Tagalog.

From the report coming from the location where a known supermarket in the town of Porac Pampanga collapsed and many people are injured. And one of them is a vendor that is forcibly cut off her feet just to survive and rescued at the place of incident. 

The vendor was trapped in Chuzon supermarket in Porac Pampanga. The vendor was fallen by the concrete debris from the collapsed building wherein her feet were get caught in between the concrete debris the time she was trap inside the building.

She decided to cut off the leg so that she can leave the building.

The 25 years old cellphone vendor was trapped at the Chuzon Supermarket after it collapsed because of the strong earthquake that happened the other day, April 22, 2019.

The cellphone vendor identified as Maria Martin narrated to the ABS-CBN News, she was allegedly crashed into the concrete debris that fell on her feet that was the reason why she cannot leave the building.

She took three hours in the supermarket and because of the long time she is waiting she thought to cut off her own feet just to get out of the collapsed supermarket.

Maria narrated.

“Puputulin ko na po yung paa ko. Nakakita po ako ng parang kutsilyo siya, ako na lang puputol para makatakas ako dito. Naisip ko lang po nang wala pang dumating na tulong,”

After a while, Maria found by the rescue team and was immediately undergoes bl00d transfusions due to the excessive bleeding of her wounded head.

The rescuers have difficulties in saving the woman so she agreed to cut off her right leg.

Maria explains.

“Pumayag naman po ako para sa buhay ko din, para sa pamilya ko din,”

Maria was immediately taken to the hospital where she was given the proper treatment. She will still undergo foot surgery to ensure that the cutting of her leg was properly functioning.

Just like the man who was rescued from Chuzon Supermarket that was first reported. She is one of the lucky people that was rescued alive although her leg was cut off.

What can you say about this? If this will happen to you, are you willing to cut off your legs or feet just to be rescued alive by the rescuer? Kindly share your comments, reactions. and opinions with us.

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