Rod has been a long time seaman, he visits many countries and earned a lot of money. He has his own house, three cars and many businesses manage by his relatives. At age 50, he can retire.

Aside from his good income of being a seaman, he collected more money because of the ill3gal hunting of endangered animals.

His position on the ship is high and he gets a bribe from some companies who shipped endangered species. They are sold overseas at a huge cost.

Gerry whispered to him, a seaman that is his cohorts.

“Sir, it is secured.”

He assured.

“Good. You know there are new today, we do not know their mind. Have you assure the leopard will not make noise?”

Gerry says to him. And Rod nodded.

“Although they will make a noise, no one will hear. Besides, I injected medicine to make them sleep.”

They are currently sailing and carrying two turtle boxes and a leopard. it’s expensive because it will nearly extinct.

As he looked away he took his wallet. He’ll take the calling card of Mr. Lee, his present partner when he glanced an old photo.

He was still young, maybe 29 years old and he was accompanied by his girlfriend. The only woman he loved. It’s Sally.

He cannot help but touch the angelic face of the woman, where is she now? He just newly board on the ship before, he had many dreams he wanted to fulfill with the girl. Does he like to marry Sally?

But when he returned to Manila after a few months, she was not in her house. Since then he has not loved another woman again.

“Sir, I transferred some cargo in the basement, I found a box there with no label. When I opened it, there are turtles!”

He woke up from his shock when a new seaman talked to him, it is Rody.

Gerry failed. He is boastful and he said it is secured! They were caught by a new seaman. Maybe they will fail.

The young man continues to speak.

“Sir I’m sure there are those with us in the ship who are involved in illeg4l activities. It is iil3gal sir?”

The young man asks him.
He said to him.

“Drop it, Rody,”

Rody was surprised.


He stared at him badly.

“I said, Do not interfere.”

It is obvious that the young man was surprised but it had a serious expression with him.
The new seaman Rody says to him.

“My expectations on you is very high sir. I do not think you are corrupt as others.”

Rod touched his forehead and shouted Gerry on the radio.

“I thought it was secured?@ It will talk, I’m sure! That’s a new one, It will report us he likes to be promoted immediately.” Take action immediately or we are both in j41l?!”

It is difficult if they deny that because Rody calls the police, they have not yet arrived at the port they are already waiting. They cannot even throw the animals at the sea because Mr. Lee will get angry with them, the old Chinese have already paid them.

It was only on his mind. he will make Rody keep silent. All were sleeping when Gerry covers the mouth of the young man so he could not move and drag him out of the quarters.
There Rod is waiting.

“Sorry young man, You are a fine man and good. But you know many things here.”

Then, they tie a duct tape his both hands together with the two legs of the young man.

They knew that seafarers were trained in swimming so they assured he has no way to survive.

Rod says.

“I will not cover your mouth for you to shout. After all, no one ever heard you. Talk to the fish. Just say hello to the little mermaid?”

Rod holds the one arm of Rody, the waves are very strong and they were in the depth of the Pacific ocean.

Rody finally says to them.

“The truth will come out sir, as long as you live you will carry this. You will have no peace. Sir.”

Rod could no longer gaze to Rody, he pushes down. A loud sound of splashing water was heard that night, then it was gone.

They act to be surprised the next day and none of them susp3ct3d Gerry had done the lost of Rody. The time has passed quickly and they had sent the animals.

Then they sailed back to the country. Rody was declared missing.

Rod says on the phone.

“Okay Sir, I’ll drop by the office at 10 am. Okay.”

His boss called from office, Rody’s family was there and was accompanied by a lawyer. He just wanted the statement as he was the officer in charge of the voyage.

His plan was easy, supposing he would say that at noon that Rody seemed lonely. It feels like something. So it might think to have su!c!de.

Perhaps the family will not complain about it, the agency will pay 2 million.

His boss reminded him when he met outside the office.

“Rod, understand the family is a little bit hysterical. Especially the mother, he is the only son.”

He prepared a sad expression before knocking three times at the door.

But it was replaced by surprise when he recognized the people inside. It is Abel, Myla.. all of them are the siblings of her former girlfriend.

And at the end, across the table, a woman crying continuously ..It’s Sally. Even when she gets older, she is still pretty.

He could not believe it.


The woman continuously crying.

“Rody, my Rody?”

Myla asks.

“Are you the officer in charge Rody?”

He got nervous and nod.
Then Sally speaks directly stared at him.

“Why did you forsake him?”

He does not understand what’s happening right now, but it’s different.

When he did not answer the woman spoke again and his heart was almost broken.

“Why did you forsaken our son?”

Rod holds the chair on his side His whole being was numb, he almost fainted. His whole body weakened and rubs his chest.

Abel explains.

“You did not know, Sally was pregnant when you aboard the ship. We transfer to Valenzuela because our landlady evicted us. We could not contact you. Do you know that Rody’s desire to be a seaman just to see you, although he did not know you, he is expecting to know and recognize you?”

Rod shouted.

“Forgive me!”
He wants to hit his head on the wall until he d!es. He is a worthless person.

He shockingly reveals the truth.

“I k!ll3d him. I k!ll3d my son!”

With that confession. Gerry also admits and reveals the whole incident, they were both ja!led but for Rod, it is not enough.

There he gets old in pr!s0n and deprived of life. His last will was to cremate his body and throw the ash into the ocean.

Even with that, he will be with his son. Even there, he would be with his son to recover from his sins.

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