Claire was not more than a year living with her uncle, she was not getting hungry at the side of her uncle but she wanted to leave. Her conscience could not bear what she sees.

Her Uncle Delo was working in the market, having a stall and his wife Ghie. They have enough income in the market but they were not satisfied and they entered in the child trafficking. They learned about this kind of work from their friend who was living in America. This is the one that makes the woman rich.

Claire heard, her uncle Delo was talking with her Auntie Ghie.

“Mr. White had messaged us, the money was already sent. When will we show the children?”

Her uncle go inside the room, Claire close her eyes because she knows that the kid was going to be nak3d
and will have a live show.

If only she could do it, as much as she could afford to warn and block the children but others was convinced by her uncle and auntie. She just went out of the house because she will d!3 thinking of it.

She holds the young man in front of her.

“What are you doing here Peter, I’m so nervous that you come without my knowledge!”

She did not think that it was in front of their house at this late night. The young man smiled. Peter is handsome. Although it is huncback and with a little scar in his face, the angelic face has been clearly seen.

Claire asks Peter.

“What are you doing there?”

Peter said he is also the assistant of the Parish Priest in their place.

“I will order a pork chop meat, our dish for tomorrow with Father.”

It sleeps in the church. She doesn’t know where it came from, suddenly she saw serving in the church about a month ago. In fact, for a moment she knew it, even she did not admit that she was falling in love with the guy.

Claire says.

“Okay, later I’ll tell to Auntie.”

Peter asks.

“Why, where is your Auntie?”
Claire says and she cannot stare to him directly.

“It’s inside, she is working.”

Peter seriously asks Claire.

“What she is doing?”

Claire replied.

“You are asking too much? She just doing something okay!”

The young man stared at her directly.

“Claire for a little time that I met you, I know you are a good woman. I know that you are just between trouble. You can do it, Claire, just speak.”

She doesn’t know, but when Peter says to her she cries and embrace him. She was afraid and angry with herself because it seems that she does is not enough to save the children.

She told to Peter everything. Then the young man says goodbye to her after a while, he will just pee. As he walks away she looks on the young man.

The weight of the man carrying on his back was huge but still, it is handsome to her? It seems that his defects surpassed what she saw.

She waited for Peter when the Police arrived in their place. They entered the house and immediately released her Aunt. The children follow crying and not wearing underwears.

Claire turns around when she saw Peter going to her.

“Claire, on the side!”

The events were too fast because the next time followed she realized that she fell on the floor and Peter’s back was hit by the bull3t.

He is the one who got the bull3t for Claire. When she turns around at where it came, she saw her uncle arr3st3d by the police. He looks bad to her.

Her uncle shouted at her.

“You do not have indebtedness, Claire! We took care and fed you!”

She did not care about her uncle, she immediately approached Peter who had fallen.

Claire wept and says.

“My God, why did you do that? Do not leave me- I love you!”

Peter replies.


Claire regains her consciousness and said to Peter while checking his back where the bull3t hit him.
“You are alive?”

He controls himself to smile, it seems he was not injur3d.

“Do you love me even I’m huncback?”

The young woman nodded, she cannot deny.

“Yes! Come on, I’ll take you to the hospital!”

She was prevented by the young man. He gradually stood up and it was surprised at this time, it is no longer a huncback. He also removes the scar on the face that is attached to it.

My God Claire almost lost her consciousness. Especially when he pulls out from behind and removes the huncback!
The young woman cannot speak that is why Peter explains to her.

Peter said unto her.

“I’m Manuel, First of all, I’m not a hunchback. Secondly, I am a police officer and my mission is to arrest the child trafficking leader in your area. Thirdly I love you too. Fourth, and most important, Can I court you?”

Claire smiled at the young man because she did not know what to say. Manuel seriously courted her and later she responded.

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