Nena was bored waiting for her boyfriend James. They talked about their meeting in a restaurant.
She always looks at her wristwatch.

She saw that it was 11 o’clock in the morning. Before the boyfriend arrived., she first has a makeover to make her more beautiful. She put a little makeup on the cheek and red lipstick on the lips.

After a while, the man she waited for arrived. The blue car stopped at the restaurant and came out with a thin guy, but she was surprised to find out that there was a girl 7-8 years old. The little girl is holding the thin man.

Nena’s heart beats go faster when James calls her.
He asks him.

“Hi Nena, are you bored?”

She answers.


She did not expect that he was accompanied by someone.

The guy introduces the young girl. With pretty colorful eyes.

“This is Irish”

Nena was surprised by James words. He was accompanied by her daughter and it is noticed the

“Say Hi to Tita Nena, baby!”

The kid smile and says.

“Hi, Tita Nena!”

Nena replies.

“I Irish! Nic to meet you! You are so pretty young girl!”

As they were eating she talked to the child about her activities and interests. At least even one hour, she was able to comfort her because she was so kind and respectful talk. She feels that she was the mother of the kid.

When they went out to the restaurant, Nena gave her a sweet kiss.

“Bye-bye, Tita Nena!”

“Bye, Irish! See you, next time baby!”

When Nena returned home she immediately texts her boyfriend.
She writes in her text.

“Good afternoon babe! How is Irish? I like your daughter,”

The guy immediately replies.

“Flor did not know that I was with Irish. I just told her that I will walk around with the child. She also did not know that I had a meeting earlier,”

Nena suddenly becomes sad. She knew that James is married and had a child but she loved her. She can share even when she was called a third party.

One day, James met her at home with Irish. She was thrilled to see the young girl.

“Hi, Tita!”

“How are you baby? I’m baking a chocolate cake because your dad said you like so much!”

The young girl said.

“Yes, Tita. I really love the chocolate cake!”

After a while, James says goodbye to them and left the child to her.

As they were eating cake, she asks the girl.
“Baby, are you not annoyed when your dad meets with me?”

The young girl shakes her head.


“No Tita, Why I will be annoyed?”

“Maybe your mommy will jealous at me!”

“No, mommy will not be jealous because you are the best friend of Dad?”

She said with a sad voice.

“Of course, we’re just best friend of your dad,”

Nena knew where to stand as being the third party.
She asks the girl.

“You really love daddy?”

The young girl replies.

“Yes Tita, I love Daddy and Mommy!”

There is something that pinches in her heart to the girl spoke.

” You too, your dad loves you. He always told me.”

The girl seriously asks her.

“Really Tita? Do you love Daddy?”

“Yes, I love your Daddy a friend.”

One day, James decided to leave the wife for Nena. He immediately called her.

Babe, wait for me and I have good news for you!”

“What’s that?”

“You just know it!”

After a while someone is calling on her phone, she does not know the number.

She asks herself.

“Who is it?”

When she answered that she was surprised by who was calling her.

“Hello, Tita Nena?”

She was worried about asking the girl.

“Hello, Irish, why are you crying?”

The girl says while crying.

“Daddy and Mommy fight! Dad was leaving us. He said he would go with the girl he loved, I did not want to leave him, Tita!”

Nena was pity on Irish crying. She is so close to the child and she does not want to see her hurt. She feels that she is a very bad woman because she was the reason that James is leaving his family.

When the man comes, she talks about it seriously.

James was no doing it right. We’re getting hurting someone so we must stop it!”

“Wait, Babe so I came here because you are my choice.”

“I’m sorry, But I do not want to see a broken family just because of our craz!ness. Go back to your family, have mercy on Irish! Your daughter loves you very much!”

The guy did not say anything else but to take a deep breath. He scratches his head while going outside the house.

Nena feels she’s free. She is freed from a false relationship. She chose the right instead of obeying her heart with hurting someone. She preferred to give up because she knows that it is for the better for everyone.

James goes back to his wife and rebuilds his family. While Nena is still waiting for true love for her and she will not be a third party.

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