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KC Concepcion, Ginulat Ang Lahat Nang Mapansin Ng Netizens Ang Kanyang Lumolobong Katawan

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It is usual and normal in the country to criticize the outward appearance of the celebrities and artists in the showbiz industry. That is why they are careful when they go out of the house or in front of the camera because of a little mistake definitely they will be the talk of the town. One of the most notable in artists and celebrities is the figure and shape of their body particularly woman. When arms and legs are small they call them slim whereas when bigger than before they will be called chubby.

KC Concepcion is just one of the celebrities who has experienced the so-called body shaming. Recently there has been a video spreading over the social media where KC Concepcion’s body changes. It was shared by Sharon Cuneta, KC’s mother on her Instagram account on the Holiday Season. KC is seen on the video wearing a black gown while she is leading the prayer at their dinner. KC is in the video with her French boyfriend Pierre-Emmanuel Plassart.

Many netizens who watched the video said that the actress had become fat and her neck is unclearly seen. Some say that the size of her arm is not even with her face, There is a lot of criticism in the comments but also there are supports from her fan saying that KC is only really happy about her relationship with her present boyfriend. KC is not only the celebrities that experience such comments and criticism from the netizens. just a few of the celebrities who have been body shame was Anne Curtis and Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray did not also exempt on the judgmental eyes of the people.

Here is KC’s statement to the people who cannot help but criticize the actress.


“My message for body-shamers is to know exactly what you’re fighting for first of all kasi merong mga health issues ang mga tao kaya ganun ang mga katawan nila.”

The Megastar daughter added

“Kahit gusto nilang pumayat at hindi pumapayag ang katawan nila, they have to break the code. Kailangan alam nila kung anong nangyayari sa hormones, kung anong nangyayari sa stress factor, kung bakit kahit anong diet, anong exercise, hindi nagwowork,” “The same goes sa mga people na sobrang payat. Meron silang reason kung bakit sila umaabot sa ganun. So sana, ‘wag silang manghusga masyado.”

The people in society cannot avoid this habit. May they learn to love and accept their fellow people regardless of their status and appearances. What can you say about this? Are the one who judge other people because of their outward appearance? Kindly share your comments and reactions with us.

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