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Nakalimutan Na Ng Babae Kung San Siya Nanggaling Palibhasa May Kinakasama Na Siyang US Navy Ngunit May Lihim Pala Ang Lalaking Ito Na Ikinabagsak Niya

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It was one month ago when Grace transferred to the home of her US Navy partner Tony. He is already retired but still, his body remains fit because of his profession. Grace is only 36 years old having a pretty face that many are attracted to her and she is a smart woman. She always wants to have money in her pocket, a luxury life. And all these things are found from Tony.

All the material things she wants, her partner Tony buy it for her such as a new smartphone, laptop, makeup, expensive perfume, clothes and bags, everything she wants in her life. Because of receiving such comfort in life, Grace had forgotten her family members, relatives, and friends.

Even her classmates she ignores it and even her mother she is ashamed of her. Her head is always in an upright position when walking along the street and secretly judge every person she met in the community.

Grace take her cousin Ellen to be a house helper because she is close with her since in their young age. It is not a problem for Ellen, because she needs money, although she was hurt when she heard that Grace says to other people that she is only a house helper.

“katulong namin yan,”

It seems that they are not having closeness since they were young. One day, they decided to go to Divisoria because Tony had not been there, the car dropped them off. Grace shows unusual action when her feet were on the ground and Ellen cannot avoid having a deep breath because of the behavior of her cousin Grace.

After roaming around the place for many times she sprays alcohol in her hand and goes to eat for their lunch. Ellen told to her cousin Grace pointing a small restaurant selling a tasty soup,

“Dito na lang, diba favorite natin to pag inuutusan tayo ng tiyang na mamili rito?”

Grace responded to Ellen acting unusually,

“No! Eww! Ellen, wag kang kakain sa mga ganyan, baka magkasakit ako dyan.”

After two years, Grace almost fights with her relatives, because she became proud and snobbish. She thought her wealth was endless and she did not expect that the wife of Tony will come. Tony hide his wife to Grace. 

Because of the truth has been revealed, she was driven out of the house and did not get even a single cent from Tony, and the wife will file a case against her if she will not keep silent. Even Tony cannot defend him from his wife. It is good that her mother accepted her although she was embarrassed by Grace. She became the keeper of a small variety store.

Some of the customer of the store whispers against her,

“Nako, ayan ang yabang yabang kasi , sa kangkungan naman pala pupulutin.“

Grace only keep silent, she knows because they are telling the truth. She just experiences a little pleasure in life but forgets the people who really love and cared for her.

What can you say about this story? Are you still standing on the ground although you have reached your goals in life? Kindly share your comments and reactions with us.

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