Do you see dental braces from other people? it is already a trending fashion style to straighten and repair teeth. It is very popular nowadays particularly with the young generations, teenagers and also with the adult. This is the usual treatment of the dentist to the people who want to have a captivating perfect smile. It is also one of the most expensive dental treatments for the dentist. Dental Braces are attached to the teeth to pull the crooked teeth and adjust them to the correct position.

However, the Do-It-Yourself Dental Braces is prohibited for unlicensed Dentists. It is strictly forbidden for complications that may occur in a patient if the person who installed is not a licensed professional.

Often, the brackets of the braces break down when the unlicensed dentist installed it. It is the same with this 30-years-old woman went to Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital in Western Australia because she felt a stomach pain.

According to her blood test, her white blood cells are good and not because of the infection and other condition. Doctors discovered that her kidney and liver are normal. After two days, the woman returned to the hospital because of severe illness and stomach pain.

When the CT scan was finished in her stomach, the doctors found that there was a metallic wire stuck in her intestine. The wire has penetrated the various locations of her intestine. The doctor did an operation and removed the wire wrapped in her intestine.

According to them, 10 years ago the patient was wearing a dental brace but they could not determine how it goes to her intestine. Perhaps she swallowed the tiny part of the wire and penetrates into her intestines that causes the pain. it is better, it did not get any serious complications and they removed the wire from her intestine. It may be a warning to people who like to go to the fake dentists because it will be worst thing will happen to you.

What can you say about this? Do you consult a licensed dentist for having dental Brace installation? Kindly share your comments and reactions.

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