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Tinakbuhan Ng Lalaki Ang Nabundol Niyang Bata, Pero Ito Pa Pala Ang Magiging Dahilan Kung Bakit Hindi Natuloy Ang Kanyang Kasal

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After more than eight years of waiting, Charlene and Raymond finally married. Charlene’s love for the young man was so great that he was the perfect woman on the face of the earth. And before marrying the young woman, he forced his friends to have a bachelor’s party while he is single. They know that when a friend is married they will difficulty getting them out.

They were drinking, and because he is loyal to her girlfriend, he immediately denied the offer of his friends.

He also felt intoxication when he thought he needed a moment to go past the tailor to make his wedding coat.

“I forgot something. I must go. Charlene will be disappointed when I do not go to the tailor. Now is the time to go.”

Even though he was prevented by his friends not to go, he still drives while drinking.
While driving, he texts his girlfriend.
The young man asks him soon to be a wife and has almost his neck down because of intoxication.
Charlene immediately called on him because he was dr*nked because of his wrong typing.

“What are you doing babe? You’re dr*nk? It is okay to dr*nk but not to drive. Maybe something will happen to you.”

Charlene no longer finishes talking and she hears a loud crash as if somebody had crashed into her boyfriend.

The young woman repeatedly asks the boyfriend.


Raymond responds to her future wife.

“Babe, I’m okay, I just hit the island on the highway. Promise, I’m just ok. I’ll call later. I love you, my future wife!”

When the cellphone was dropped, Raymond was still shaking. He accidentally collides with a young man crossing the road.

It was on the pedestrian lane so he did not blame the young man on the wrong lane. Raymond’s car stops just as he thinks what to do.

Raymond saw that the young man was still moving and breathing.

“Unfortunate, it is good that there are no people here. take care of your self!”

He could no longer see it’s appearance because it was covered in bl00d all over his body. he immediately thought that when he came down to help the young man, he could even file a case against him.

And when he was charged with a case, he is certain that Charlene’s father, a policeman will not give the hands of Charlene to him. Surely it will make a big problem if he will help the boy.

Raymond quickly runs away, He was grateful that there was no human being in the area so no one could testify against him.

Before going to the tailor, Raymond immediately went home to clean the blood before his car.

The next day, Charlene call him crying.

“Babe! Please come here. The wedding will be postponed! Patrick.Patrick.”

Patrick is Charlene’s youngest brother who has been taking care by her since childhood.

Raymond continuously asks Charlene.

“Ha?! Why not? What’s up with Patrick? Where are you?”

Charlene begs to her boyfriend and Raymonds worries about her.

“Patrick is no more! Please! Come here to home! I need you!”

Charlene’s cries and Raymond feels the sadness of the heart of his beloved.
Raymond immediately went to his girlfriend’s house. There he saw that Patrick’s body had been lying. He immediately embraced his girlfriend Charlene. and ask for details.

The older sister shouted angrily.

“Somebody has crashed my brother! I will look for him. No conscience The doctor said, just because of so much bleeding my brother d1ed. If he was immediately rushed to the hospital, it would not happen!”

Raymond’s hair raises all over his body. When he heard where Patrick’s body was found, the world seemed to collapse for him. Patrick was the young man he had hit him last night when he was dr*nk and irresponsible driving. He did not even help because he did not saw the face.

Raymond could not speak because of the fear that his girlfriend would leave her if she knew the truth. So when it was the time he was determined not to tell Charlene what had happened that night.
He was thinking of the alibis that he would give him as soon as he was accused.

Raymond was shocked when he heard the father of Charlene shouting like that.

“Catch that person!”

They glimpse while looking at him. He noticed that he had a CD.

Charlene was very confused.

“Papa? What’s up?! What did my spouse do?!”

He immediately handcuffs the young man with the help of his fellow policemen.

“You cannot get married to that person! He is an evil one!”

There is still substantial evidence found in the crime scene. Raymond does not know that there are two CCTV on the road, and the last is the actual hitting and leaving the young man.

When Charlene learned about it, it was not just stopping the marriage. She hit her by wood, that is not enough for what he did to her brother.

Raymond explains while he was handcuffed.

“Babe! Sorry! I did not mean. And I do not know that It is Patrick! If I just knew, I will help him,”

Charlene cannot forgive her boyfriend for what he did to her young brother.

Charlene’s family mourn of Patrick’s disappearance, and after two years they had learned how to accept what happened to her brother.
They have received justice when Raymond’s was sentenced to life impr1sonm3nt.

Charlene learned that someone was well aware of other suitors before being her boyfriend and Raymond learned that dr*nk driving had never been right.

What can you say about this? Do you learn a lesson from this story? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and opinions.

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