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BABALA: Magulang, Huwag Niyo Ng Papakain Ng Hot Dogs Ang Inyong Mga Anak, Dahil Ito Pala Ang Magiging Dulot Sa Kanilang Katawan

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The processed foods and fast foods such as burger, fries, bacon hotdogs and other types always love by the people to eat in their meals and snacks. There is no problem eating these kinds of foods but the real danger of these foods is eating an abundant amount.

Based on the research and studies they found out that eating processed foods is dangerous and combines with diseases such as canc3r. Although there are some finding of such thing it does not have an impact on their sales and marketing and continuously higher in demands.

Last two decades, hotdogs together with bacon, ham luncheon meats were under controversy because of the mixture of preservatives called sodium nitrite at the time of the processing and cutting. They are food preservatives utilized in processed meat products like hot dogs, luncheon meats, bacon, ham and other kinds of processed meat. An ordinary hotdog along with catsup and mustard has 290 calories and 910 mg of sodium.

Based on the New York Times, Nitrites mix with a substance called amines discovered in some foods and in the stomach to produce a carcinogen called nitrosamines. It was the most potent carcinogen found and it will lead to canc3r in every kind of animals tested told by Dr. Wiliam Lijinsky, former Director of the Chemical Carcinogenesis Program at the Frederick Canc3r research and Development Center in Maryland.

Based on the researchers of the University of Southern California School of Medicine recommends that the cause of greater incidence of leukemia among 232 children in Los Angeles is from Nitrosamines. The researchers told in the New York Times.

“The researchers identified children under 10 who had developed leukemia and matched them with a control group of children who did not have the disease. The children with the highest incidence of leukemia surprisingly turned out to be the ones who regularly ate more than 12 hotdogs a month. But the group that ate hotdogs that frequently was small; 14 children with leukemia, and 3 who did not.”

On the other hand, many scientists mostly agree while the study was not reviewed and checked by the expert there are some questions that need further examination and test. Nonetheless, there is a strong connection between nitrosamines and canc3r and there is no specific amount of nitrite consumption that is considered safe.

Dr. Lijinsky told.

“Reduce consumption of them as much as you can,” “They are a source of a possible canc3r risk. I would not expose my children to it. It’s like secondhand smoking. It adds to other risk factors we are already exposed to.”

What can you say about this? Do you love eating hotdogs and fond of serving to your kids and family? Kindly share your comments and reactions with us.

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