Roger was almost three years when he got onboard, he had just come back home from the Philippines. Of course, he was the talk of the town in their neighborhood because of his upgraded standard of living. He had a new modern house. his two children are studying in a private school and his wife has a small variety store. He was excited to see his classmates, he had a news that they had a reunion this coming week. Surely, they will get envy with him and he will be proud of having much money. The truth is, his salary is not big enough on what he spread in the neighborhood because he wants only to boast with them. When compared to his former classmates, it is much better for an ordinary factory worker.

Presently he speaks that he was not coming from poor family and a former factory worker like his former classmates. His wife asks him where he will go because she saw him going outside his house.

“Pa, saan ka na naman pupunta?” He continues walking go outside his house and responded to his wife. “Dyan lang sa park, magkikita kami ni pareng Ariel at iaabot niya raw iyong T-shirt natin sa reunion,”

He was text by his friend that he may be late because his son has an illness, so Roger sits first waiting for his friend. He also waits for an acquaintance to get close to it and of course to boast with them.

He was not disappointed because he recognized a man who is selling fishball with a neat and clean blue T-shirt and looks decent but for him, it is dirty because of his kind of job. The man he saw was his former classmate Mar, They are not so close but Roger takes the opportunity to embarrass his former classmate so he approached him to pretend to buy a fishball. Mar exclaimed.


But Roger pretends that he did not immediately recognize him.

“Mar? Uy!” Kamusta Pare?

Mar smile at him and touch his shoulder.

“Eto, hanapbuhay. Ikaw? Ngayon lang kita nakita ha,”

Roger thinks that it is better that he wore his gold necklace and surely Mar saw it. Roger boastfully communicate with Mar saying.

“Eto seaman na.. ngayon nga lang nakauwi ng Pinas eh. Syempre, nagpapagawa kasi kami ng bahay ni misis at kukuha na rin ng kotse sa isang buwan pare,”

Mar replied without any sign of envy.

“Ba ayos yan, asensado ka na pala,”

Roger replied and Mar surprise on what he said to him.

“Hindi sa nagmamayabang pre. Sana kasi nagsumikap ka pa, I mean, tignan mo ako. Maganda ang buhay pero ikaw tignan mo naman, mahirap yan pre. Walang pamilyang nabubuhay sa fishball. Kuntento ka na ba na yan ang pinapakain sa mga anak mo?”

After his former classmate does not respond, Roger decided to go to another place of the park to wait for Ariel. Since Mar has not essential to have a conversation with him, he is only a simple fishball vendor? He would turn back when he noticed the gorgeous car parked beside a fishball cart.
Roger says laughing secretly before leaving the place.

“Tsaka pare, uron- urong mo itong kariton mo. Baka masagi mo iyang kotseng maganda, wala kang ibabayad dyan pre maniwala ka sakin. Siguro ikaw wala kang alam sa kotse pero ako nagtitingin-tingin nako kaya maalam ako dyan, ilayu-layo mo. Hindi kita pauutangin,”

On the other hand, Mar just shakes his head upon giving the ladle to the old man. Many days have passed and it is the time of their reunion before he entered the school where the program will be held, he noticed a gorgeous car parked at the gate. It is not ordinary and only rich people can own that kind of car. Upon entering inside the school, he was immediately welcomed by his friends, of course, he is very proud in that moment. He boastfully told to one of his classmates.

“Hayaan mo pre, maraming chocolate doon sa bahay. Sawa na ang mga bata, napapanis lang eh. Aabutan kita pag nakadaan ka,”

He continues to tell a story and suddenly blushed when he saw Mar. he prompted them to come near to him and the man obeys.

Mar does not even say anything again Roger begin to boast because it is better to embarrass a man in front of many people.

“Eto pala si Fishball man eh! Alam nyo pare, master na to sa pagluluto e, kahit ano’ng gawin hindi maibili ng laruan ang mga anak. Sino’ng kikita doon? Kahit jackstone ay hindi mo mabibili!”

Roger said and continue to laugh and the people around him did not say anything even Mar keep silent. And he continues to embarrassed mar.

“Sa totoo lang mga pare, aba pinayuhan ko yan nung isang linggo. Sabi ko iurong iyong kariton niya at huwag idikit sa magarang kotse, wala siyang pambayad. Hindi, diba? Realtalk lang brad!”

All the people keep silent and he was surprised. One of the men in the crowd courageously told him the truth.

“Kay Mar yung kotse..”

Roger replied thinking that it was only a joke.

“Ha? Joke yan? May kotse si fishball man? Ayos ah!”

He did not expect that the man told the truth.

“Marami siyang negosyo.. may mga franchise sya sa mall, tapos yung fishball siguro na nakita mo ay isa lang sa maliliit na negosyong naitayo niya. Mara-”

Roger did not even finish the man who was talking and immediately goes away from the place, not wanting to hear some words from other people because of shame. He was blinded by the success and did not see himself immersing in the pit of his boastfulness.

What can you say about this? Are proud of your simple success in the middle of many friends without knowing their present status in life? Kindly share your comments and reactions with us.

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