Some people speculate that celebrities and prominent people in the showbiz industry are cruel to the people who were serving them.

Although there are some celebrities that reportedly abus3 or harm their helpers, most of them are truly kind-hearted and treat their helpers as being part of their family.

Wherein Robin and Mariel Padilla displayed a good example of how they treated their house helpers in a nicer way.

In the previous video uploaded by the YouTube Channel HappyTV, the couple seemed prepared a small party. The family along with their helpers.

They are enjoying a game that needed to get apples out of the basin containing water. Robin questionably shouted that whoever wins will have a Php 2000.

Al of them seems to enjoy the celebration. The video just highlighted the true relationship between the stars and their subordinates.

Even the couple’s family and friends seem together with their household workers. There was no sign of disrespect among them.

Several netizens were fascinated with how they displayed such instances. Although it is not on a daily basis that such prominent showbiz people move inside their homes

What can you say about this? Do you admired and inspired on how they treated their subordinates? kindly share your comments, reactions, and opinions with us.

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