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Isang Biyudang Babae Ang Umibig Sa Bumbay Na Nagpapautang, Ngunit Nalaman Niya Bandang Huli Na Hindi Lang Pala Simpleng Tao Ito

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Ella holds the hand of her husband, here they are in a hospital and between life and d34th. She was just born her youngest child, who had been injur3d while in the factory.

The wife cried.

“Dad, do not leave us alone. I do not know how I’m going to lose you,”

The man smiled and even he has difficulty speaking.
He said before he lost his breath.

“I will not forsake you, I will not leave you. Promise, I’m just here to catch you,”

Ella smiled and wiped her sweat from her forehead. washing his toga because her son will graduate in kinder. He is first to honor, same with his elder brother that has an academic award.

If that is the case, then, that all the difficulties she has made to raise her two sons are well paid. She loves her children even though they have no school award but it seems like a big bonus to her as a mother.

She was assisted by the company management on the funeral of her husband but after that, there is no assistance. She had to be the mother and father of her sons.

Her eldest son said to her.

“Mama, Ate Tinay said if you will buy tocino?”

She gently said to her son.

“Okay, I will list it.”

She also prompted him to eat because it was served in the kitchen. She is very lucky because every day there are people who buy her tocino. It is a big thing for her children’s expenses.

Afterward, she heard a motorcycle, she knew that. Dan, the nickname of the Indian who lends money. What she knows is that Danesh Gurushantapa is his real name. Dan only so that people cannot even have to pronounce it.

Dan is still young, perhaps he is only 35 years old. And Ella will admit that it’s handsome, though sometimes the clothes are funny. Their place is warm and he tends to wear a long sweater.

He asks her.

“Ella get something from me,”

She laughed and refused because she was afraid of debts. She even crawls in difficulties to have many debts.

Ella replied.

“No Dan, Thank you,”

Dan smiled at her and although she did not want to admit to herself as if she was excited with him. It has a gorgeous body, looks like a celebrity and fair skin. Contrary to the rumors that its descendants are smelly but he is not very fragrance. She did not know how he arrived in the country, it suddenly came last year.

The days passed and Dan is always passing the way in the place, always saying that he will collect money. Ella becomes a friend of Dan and he is close with the children who seem to be looking for a father’s care.

Soon, he fell into the Ella. The same with the girl but of course, her children are very important to her. So she asked them if it is okay for them to fall in love with another guy again.

Her children also want him so she just responded with Dan. The Indian guy is very happy and screams that makes her neighbor Aling Tinay stare at them.

Aling Tinay said to Dan.

“Well, Dan, you will not instruct me to buy tocino every day, Shiela is being puzzled.”

She just looks with her boyfriend who was laughing at her, as if she understood the confusion in her mind s she spoke.

Dan said to her.

“I’m just requesting Aling Tinay to buy to you to make sure that you have a daily income, you do not like debt.”

Ella said to him while his arm has been b3at3n.

“You’re clever! That’s why my goods are running out, you have many supporters.”

Their relationship was good, until one day, it seems that Dan had come to visit her. It seems he likes it to say but does not know where and how to start.”

She asks Dan and worrying.

“Are you okay?”

Dan answers her.

“Honey, My parents are outside.”

Ella was surprised.

“Ha?! Why you did not let them come in? Oh, the house is a mess. You are still here and not saying!”

Until suddenly she thought. Why Dan did not introduces her to his parents because she had children? Well, who are the Mom and Dad are happy to know that there are two children of the girlfriend of their son?

Ella sadly said to him.

“I’m sorry. I understand why you do not want to introduce me. It’s okay if you leave us.”

Dan said and go outside.

“What are you saying? I will confess to you, just for a while, stay honey,”

When it comes back with the smiling parents who are well dressed. Ella was amazed, even their neighbors who were in the window of her apartment.

They are surprised to know that they know how to speak Tagalog because for many times they have returned to the Philippines.

Dan’s mother told her.

“Our son is not serious studying and he did not want to settle down. He just escapes his wedding in India, so he went to Manila. but when he gets to know you, he changed much, he’s responsible. He wants to marry you, so here we are to formally ask you permission,”

Ella was shocked. Danesh is the son of a high ranking official in India and very rich. She agreed on the wedding offer, she glanced at her boyfriend and faced it with a smile. he brings the parents for a sure answer!

Their marriage was held in the Philippines, she was not interested in the man’s wealth. But of course, Danesh would not allow her to have difficulties in life so he bought her a beautiful house here for them to live.

On the night of their honeymoon, she could not avoid asking her husband.
“Why me? You’re a handsome, young man, Why is me who have children and widower?”

Dan simple replied to her.

“Can I explain it? I just feel it,”

Ella whispers.

“Hopefully this will not end, we should not leave alone with the kids.”

Danesh answer.

“I will not forsake you, I will not leave you. Promise, I’m just here to catch you,”

The woman was surprised because her husband’s promise is also the same. All she knew maybe he requests it to the Lord to give her a partner in life and she did not make a mistake of choosing.

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