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Nagising Ang Balikbayang Babaeng Ito Na Wala Sa Tabi Ang Kanyang Mister, Ngunit Naluha Nalang Siya nang Mahuli Niya Na Kasama Ang Kanilang Katulong

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After three years of contract Rose in a foreign country, she returned home to the Philippines.
Her family was very happy to fetch her up, she embraced her husband Vic and their five years old child Sab.

She says to Vic while kissing him.

“Dear! I really miss you too!”

“We also miss you, Dear! This is already our baby,

Upon their return home, Rose has a little party prepared by her family, there were some of their closest relatives and friends.

Her Aunt asks her.

“Rose, how about your life there in Taiwan? Do you have a plan to come back?”

Rose responds to her Aunt.

“I’m fine Aunt, I’m not planning anymore. I’m worried that Sab may not recognize me,”

Her Aunt says before she leaves.

“That’s right, Rose! Take care of your child, especially your husband,”

Rose wondered if her Aunt meant to be she did not pay attention to it. She was too tired and just wanted to rest. As she walked into their room she met a strange woman.

She asks.

“Miss, who are you? Why are you here in my house?”

Vic says to Rose

“Rose, She is Anne, the new nanny of Sab,”

Rose respond.

“Is that so? Go ahead. Sorry? I want to rest, dear,”

The next day Vic went out early to work, Rose decided to take her child to take a walk

She says to the Nanny.

“Anne? Kindly wake up Sab, We’ll eat breakfast together.”

Anne silently followed her employer, shoved her head while walking towards the child’s room.

She shouted at the child.

“Sab, wake up! You have breakfast together with your mommy,”

When Sab got up he arranged the bed and accompanied to the dining area.

Rose Instructed her.

“We’re leaving now Anne, take care of the house?”

The house helper says.

“Yes, Mam.

During her one week stay at her home, Rose felt that there was something different about her house helper. She did not quite understand why it was too cold for him to deal with it. One night she had the answers to all her questions.

Rose silently asks Vic while searching for her husband in bed.


Rose was in deep sleep but she woke up a crash in the kitchen. When she got up Vic was not with her.

Vic whispers to the house helper while kissing the neck.
“Do not be noisy, Rose might wake up,”

The house helper says to Vic.

“Why you let her return? So that we are not hiding like this.”

Vic responds,

“Do not worry, I’ll convince her to leave again. Hmm, you are so fragrant, Anne.”

Vic removed the blouse of Vic and removed his boxer shorts. The two were unaware that Rose was watching them.

Rose shouted.

“Shameless! In my own home, you do this to me?!

The two did not know what to do with their nak3d bodies.

Vic begs to Rose.

“Rose dropped off the knife, let’s talk!”

Rose shouted them

“We do not have anything to talk, I see all Vic, and you Anne, so you’re always in beast mode every time I instructed you. That’s why my husband has a lover!”

Because of rose extreme anger, she drove out her husband and the other woman at their home, Vic did not do anything because Rose purchased the house.

Rose says to her husband.

” You should not come back Vic, I hate you!”

Vic begs to Rose,

“Rose, please! I do not have any place to go.

Rose locked an nd closed the gate and went inside the house, she was very disappointed and depressed in her husband’s cheating. She went to the room of Sab and lay down beside the child.

Within three months, Vic repeatedly returns to his family but they did not open the door for him. Until he learned that Rose sold the house.

The neighbor says to him.

“Vic, for almost two weeks your family was gone, one thing I know that Rose sold the house,”

He went everywhere to look for his family but he cannot find them. One of Rose’s relatives told him that they were no longer in the Philippines and Rose was with her child in Taiwan. He will o longer see his family ever.

Meanwhile Rose is hoping to have a new life abroad with Sab, but her situation is difficult as she struggles to raise the child alone.

She says to her child.

“My child, we will stay here in Taiwan? From now on we are only two together.”

The child asks.

“Father is no longer together with Yaya?”    

Rose responds.

“They were gone my child, do not worry, I will not forsake you.

Rose embraced the young child while tears fall from her eyes. She hopes that the time will come when she will be able to forgive Vic in all he has done for her and his family will be complete again.

Years later Rose heartaches have been healed. By the help of her child with Vic sh forgot the bitter experience she suffered from her spouse. So it was no long before a man captured her heart. A Filipino also lives in that country

To that man she experiences true love, so they both got married. Additionally, the man also received wholeheartedly her child from Vic.

Rose is thankful that her former husband does not cheat against her she would not find the real man that will make them happy and take care.

What can you say about this? Do you learn a lesson from this story? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and opinions with us.

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