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Nakuhang Manlalaki Ng Babae Dahil Hindi Sila Magka-anak Ng Kanyang Mister, Sa Huli Ito Ang Nangyari Sa Kanyang Buhay

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Lorie and Marlou are together for six years, but they are not still blessed by the offspring. Because of that, Lorie started to be cold on her husband. Well, she certainly does not have a problem. She has always been searching for big earnings, even though they were only two in the family.

“Is this? Is that what you promised to give me a comfortable life? What now? Where? Yougo abroad but nothing happened, ”

She shouted in the morning.

“I’m sorry, it’s just we are many here driving a tricycle,”

Said the man while eating. Every day he endures the painful word she feeds by his wife because she loves her.

It is not true that he went abroad was worthless, because, in fact, he bought her with house and lot.

“Patience, the more you eat than you earn! You know when I’m tired, I’m going to get away from you, ”

Lorie said. She did not matter that her husband gives money into their home, so she also looks of what he eats.

The man went out of the house,

“That’s fine, you’re going to drive the tricycle and you’re earning become bigger. I’m tired of adobo, then take me a delicious dish from the restaurant! ”

Lorie said.

Her exit came out as she patted Pedring, their companion.

After her husband went out, sh etext Peter, her lover.

There was not more than one hour for the man to knock on their door. It was just she’s bathing, it was like a hungry tiger he grabbed. Her towel fell down.

“Fool, our neighbors might see us, here we are inside,”

She said.

The man smiled to take her into the room, and there they fed the heat of their cheating.

“Are you in there?”

Lorie asked as she touches Pedring’s chest, now in bed.

“Sure, you want to make you pregnant? You do not ask, I’m 3 pointers. Surely sure, shoot it, ”

He said and kissed her again.

“When I’m pregnant, we will leave us here? Let’s build a family with our son, ”

She was full of hope. The man does not answer and then goes on above her.

Soon, Lorie was pregnant. Marlou was thrilled to think of him the child. he works hards to provide the mother’s need, check-up, vitamins, complete child’s necessities. No matter he was indebted.

Lorie was very happy, but her smile suddenly disappeared as soon as Pedring did not show, he just fooled her.

She gave birth to the child but she did not have the joy of her own child, only Marlou was the only one focusing on the child.

“Damn, the hardships of life have increased!”

She said, hating her husband.

One night Lorie did not endure, she left him. She did not care about her son, especially to Marlou. She will find a man capable of getting her out of poverty.

The woman tried to find Peter but he hides, the last news that Marlou with her son driving a tricycle. The child is with Marlou in the front of the tricycle in the middle of the afternoon, the man wants to keep the child alive.

Many years later, Lorie has nothing gain She failed to find a man who had been liked her, she always with the men to bed and but left her alone. She thought about coming back to Marlou and getting the baby, maybe when she sold to the foreigner she got rich. After all, she has the right for the kid.

She tried to knock at their house, a kid met her maybe a year old, she looks like him.

“There’s looking for you,”

Said the boy.

Marlou went out, surprised to see her.

“I’ll take my son,”

Lorie said. Marlou did not answer, the boy hid behind the man.

Lorie continued on to say,

“Do you know that he’s not your child? He is the son of Peter, even you make a DNA test! ”

She shouted.

“I know,”

The man said simply. Lorie was shocked, all this time the mister knew her cheating. She cannot speak.

Marlou continued, he is smiling,

“When you left, I discovered that I was barren, but I loved the boy and considered as my child. If you want, let’s choose him, kid you want to go- ”

“I don’t like.” The boy answered quickly and Marlou ended the question.

“I’m not prohibiting you from taking your son Lorie, just as long as your life is fine. Because when he’s gone astray, keep in mind that we are married and that I can sue for you of cheating me. ”

Lorie’s fear of turning her back, the fate of Marlou seems to be fierce. He failed the bad plan for the boy.

Later she repented, she thought she had wasted her husband’s love. If she had been faithful, she would not have had this life anymore.

Marlou was happily living with his child, but he did not oppose when Lorie was going to take her child, as long as she was just sure that the boy was doing well because he loved him too.

Years later, Marlou had no news of Lorie, his son graduated and earned a good job in Manila. The boy loved him even though he was not his real father, in fact, he bought him a lot of tricycles so he did not go out, many drivers were giving boundary to him.

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