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Naging Reaksyon Ni Erwan Heusaff Sa Kumakalat Na Litrato Ni Anne Curtis Kasama Ang Kanyang Leading Man

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There are many celebrities who give their best just for the sake of their projects. When considering being a professional in their chosen field of work, there is one celebrity that giving her best which is Anne Curtis that highlights these characteristics and traits.

She has bagged various acting awards and many recognition from many awards giving groups, recognizing her contribution to the showbiz and film industry.

Nowadays. even though Anne Curtis recently married to her long-time boyfriend, the brother of Solenn Heussaff, Erwan, she still continues to make high-quality projects although it involves partnering with other celebrities or leading men.

One of the most awaited film projects is the movie titled “Just Stranger” which are showing in the cinemas nationwide. Recently the famous actress was partnered to the new soaring celebrities Marco Gumabao for their initial togetherness by this movie.

As the portion of the movie trailer last July 17, Anne shocked her social media account Instagram followers when she bravely posted a picture of her and her leading man Marco very hot together on the bed, two of them were captivating bared.

The social media users together with her family members especially with her husband reacted and commented on her hot post on her social media account.

It is good that the netizens along with her husband have the knowledge and awareness that the picture was all for promoting their movie of Anne’s Curtis.

Her husband commented on the hot and fiery photo.

“Who is that stranger?”

The comment and reaction of her husband obtained thousands of likes who were the couples discussion string in social media.

The famous chef and food vlogger of the famous Kapamilya star Anne Curtis also shared his comments and reactions on the picture posted by his wife Anne Curtis.

Here are their conversation about the photos.

“I leave for one day and this is what happens already?”

Uttered by Erwan.

Anne also responded,

“That’s what you get for always leaving me.”

On the other hand, social media users were tagging her leading man Marco and quipped that Erwan could hunt for him because of the steamy picture.

But Marco responded,

“Omg please don’t kill me, people.”

Anne Curtis husband Erwan also responded to Marco,

“You need to learn how to cook now. That girl is always eating.”

And Marco said bravely

Do you accept 1 on 1 tutorial?”

The conversation string continued on in which even Nico Bolzico, husband of Solenn Heussaff participated in the conversation.

Nico reacted

“Code red, our Vice President is in danger! We are here for and with you @erwan! #FullSupportToErwan#BulliedHusbandsClub …PS: we also support you @annecurtissmith, but secretly!”

The couple has been married for two years and still sweet and romantic ever.

What can you say about this? You feel hot and fiery upon seeing the photo of Anne Curtis and her leading man Marco Gumabao? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and opinions with us.

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