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Isang Serbidora Ang Ginawa Ang Bagay Na Ito, Ngunit Sa Isang Iglap Ay Naging Milyonarya Siya Na Hindi Niya Inaaasahan

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Mimi is just starting of work within the Carinderia, she is a steward and dishwasher. she is the eldest of the seven siblings and her parents are both old. Her mother did not get enough of her laundry works, her father was too weak to work in construction, so she was the one who supports their family. If she just doubles the work she had made, she could not have been able to work with her younger siblings and went to school.


Mimi told to the owner of the Carinderia. Aling Marissa.

“How much is the bill of table 3? Two vegetables, dried meat, and extra rice.”

The chubby woman was frowning because of the huge numbers of customers eating their lunch at the Carenderia. Mimi repeated what she said and Aling Marissa listed what Mimi says.

“What again? Slow down please!”

The chubby woman directly scolded the girl.

“Just give immediately the change, be quick to move and many people want to eat! Be fast and quick!”

Mimi was panicked, a few minutes later, she was washing the plate on the side of the road when an old man touched her. It has a lot of sacks and dirty clothes, at first glance you ill thought it was a beggar. Mimi did not notice the old man immediately. Where did this old man come from? She only felt that he was standing on her side. The old man said to Mimi while touching his stomach.

“Young girl, can you give me something I can eat?”

Mimi takes the old man inside.

“I’m going to look inside, come here inside, maybe you will be hit by a car.”

She holds the arm of the old man and went inside together with the old man. It is exactly that Aling Marissa was gone, he gives the old man cold rice since she was just throwing it. It is good that can be eaten by the old man. She also put hot soup into the cup and brought the whole tray to the old man. mimi smilingly said to the old man.

“This is it, sir, I still do not have money and my salary is little, If I have the money, I will buy you a piece of bread but even me has no snacks.”

The old man smiled and stared at her, with what in his eyes was mysterious. Mimi could not tell. Mimi told to the old man.

“I thought you were hungry? You did not eat even a small amount of food?”

The old man replied.

“Just what I needed is to take a rest, and I have found it on you”

Mimi narrated to the old man.

“My God, you should not walk further and it is hot. You will be able to suffer heat stroke later. My father did not work in construction, I said to him that I am the one to work for the family.”

The old man said to Mimi.

“Young girl, this is my payment. It is only small and not enough, it’s just an old coin but you can use and benefit from it.”

Mimi refuses but the old man insists to receive the money.

“Not sir!, What’s up, it is just rice and a soup,”

Mimi thought to make only this old coin as a lucky charm in her wallet since she cannot use it to purchase, she saw in the mark that 1903 on that kind of coins. Mimi no longer responded, she turned away to take a glass. She would give a glass of water to the old man but it is exactly that Aling Marissa went out.

Mimi said to Aling Marissa.

“Mam, he just requests for a little food.”

Aling Marissa responded.

“And you actually put food and you are wasting it! Do you think you are the owner!”.

Mimi asks forgiveness to Aling Marissa and pointing to the old man.

“I’m sorry Aling Marissa, I was a pity with the old man, he is very old and very hungry, he cannot walk and lead him inside,”

She just turned and pointed to the old man but it was gone. even the sacks are gone. Aling Marissa fired Mimi for what she had done.

“You know, my business will be unfortunate because of your foolishness. I feel strongly that someday you will endanger my business. Get out do not return. I do not want to see your face here.”

Mimi begs to Aling Marissa.

“Aling Marissa has mercy on me, this is what my family is relying on.”

She thought that her kindness would make the situation worse, even though the old man did not thank her. She walks in the narrow street in the squatter area, at the end is their small house. On her way, she heard in the television news from the reporter.

“This old peso coin is worth a million pesos, but it is very rare to the Filipinos who had this old coin.”

Mimi stopped and clarifies what the reporter said.

“In 1903 this design came out, so the people who have this kind of old coin, come to us and become an instant millionaire!”

Mimi gradually checks the old coins given to her by the old man.

“Oh my God!”

She just kneels and very happy and nervous. However, she does not own it. She could not take something that was not her, so she immediately returns to the Carinderia. The owner shouted at her, but she ignores it, she asks quickly.

“Aling Marissa, is the old man return here? The one who had many sacks?”

But Aling Marissa did not understand what she is looking for. The young girl did not believe, so she checks with the Barangay and checks the CCTV footage. She was spotted talking alone and the Barangay Tanod laughs at her. The next day, the young girl went to the place where the reporter told in the news. She still could not believe when she signs and gives her a check. She even pinched herself, while at home and stared at the check. She is already a millionaire.

When she glanced at the window she was still surprised to see the smiling old man was there, and he even thumbs up with her. Mimi also smiles, she was not sure if the old man is an angel or a fairy, but she knows it is from heaven.

Who can say that it is impossible to dream and life has no hope? While we are still alive, there is hope. Do not just stop praying, do not forget to be good to others. Because of all goodness, there is a good reward. A simple good thing done to others makes you a millionaire.

What can you say about this? Are you always ready to heal others in spite of your financial instability? What do you learn from this story? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and opinions with us.

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