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Ganto Pala Makukuha Mo Sa Iyong Katawan Oras Na Uminom Ka Ng Tsaa Na Gawa Sa Dahon Ng Guyabano

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Guyabano is a common fruit found here in the Philippines. Many of these proven studies show that it is a super fruit because of its medicinal effects and health benefits. It is also found out that Guyabano is used as in the form of tea, capsules and other herbal methods. But this not only the fruits have health benefits.

In fact, but its leaves also have medicinal properties to the body. The most famous way of achieving the benefit of the young Guyabano leaves is to boil and drink it like a tea. It is easy to prepare. Just place fresh Guyabano leaves in the boiling water. Depends upon your taste if you want to add more leaves. Filter and refrigerate for a while before you drink.

Benefits you can get in drinking boiled Guyabano leaves.

1. Lowers the bl00d sugar. The leaves of the Guyabano is used by the person with diabetes because of its properties of lowering the blood sugar of the body. The leaves have been used as herbal medicine and they accompany with healthy food choices and lifestyles.

2. For those who have Liver Problems. The Guyabano leaves are essential and help to protect the tissue of our liver. It improves insulin levels and has antioxidant properties that cleanse the liver.

3. It makes excretion regular. Because the Guyabano leaves have high amounts of fiber and Vitamin C, It is effective to regulate the excretion and prevents constipation. It helps by stimulating our colon to make it easier to excrete the stool.

4. For those having Respiratory Problems. When drinking the Guyabano leaves as a tea, it can help illnesses such as asthma, cough, and flu symptoms. It is used because of its ability to relieve the airway and remove the obstruction in breathing.

5. For those having Gout. It has the ability to relieve inflammation caused by gout. The cause of gout is due to the absorption of kidneys and cleanse the substance in the bl00d. The result is that the accumulation of tox1ns in the joints. Drinking of Guyabano leaves as tea will help remove these substances in the body.

6. It strengthens the Immune System of the body. It like the fruit, the leaves of the Guyabano also help to strengthen the immune system. It contains many Vitamin C and antioxidants that protect the adverse effects of free radicals in the environment.

7. It helps to have a deep sleep. Its leaves help improve mood and eliminate stress in the body. Based on studies, it also helps in relaxation and having a deep sleep.

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