Arlene and Aaron were married for only two years, but they soon bear the fruit of their love. Nowadays, Arlene is nine months pregnant, their baby in the womb is very active. that is why it is very for them to determine the gender of the baby.

The doctor said to Arlene,

“It seems a girl and boy!”

He was surprised but Aaron smiled, kissing on the forehead his wife lying in the bed.

“Really? Do we have a baby boy? I thought last time you said both girls, ”

The doctor pointed to the monitor screen the gender of the baby.

“With a lot of movements we saw his buttocks in the other, but that his pen1s,”

The couple is very happy and they smiled. Arlene knows that her husband is happy, in his whole life he was with the women when he grows up. Aaron’s father d1ed early and shortly followed by his mother. All the siblings of her husband are girls that is why she is comfortable with them. She is also happy. Because their family is small, she is the only child.

Her father went with another woman when he was little while her mother went abroad 3 years ago. Her mother did not communicate with her, Arlene tried to find her and ask many people to know the whereabouts of her. Maybe she would be happy if she knows that she will have a granddaughter. Arlene told to her husband.


“It excellent babe, there are twins in your race? Because in ours we do not have, ”

After a while Aaron was silent, it seemed he thinks about what he will answer to her.

” It seems none in our race too.”

It is the simple response of Aaron and continues his driving. Arlene shrugged her shoulders, after a while the cell phone rings of her husband but he canceled the call. Arlene said to her husband.

“Why you did not answer? Maybe it is Important, ”


Aaron replied.

“No, just later. Maybe it’s only Abby, ”

In fact, Arlene is somewhat surprised because her husband’s behavior is different. It’s always talking to a cellphone but it’s just a whisper when he asks it to just say it’s a sibling. Arlene would not entertain the idea, but she was nervous. Maybe it’s another woman, my God. she cannot bear just in case. Because of that thought, the woman became paranoid, she always guarding her husband. Sometimes she does not sleep until he did not arrive but because she is pregnant that is why she easily sleep and just waking up with her husband talking to another person on the phone. She cannot control herself to ask him.

“Who is that?”

She wants to know. It is not a good way if he will cheat her during her pregnancy of her own child. Aaron simply answer.

“Hon, just about job,”

Arlene said to him crying.

” About your job? Do you think I can not see our bank bills? The money was withdrawn from our account? Who is that girl you where you spend with? My God Aaron, our relationship is only about one year! ”

The man was upset and did not know what to say. He would speak to his wife but her womb got in pain. The pain continues for half of her body is very painful. After a while, she felt a liquid leaking on his leg. She shouted.

“I will give birth!”

Aaron did not know how to carry her, he picked up the car key and rushed to the hospital. When they arrive at the doctor said the doctor he needs to have a cesarian operation because the umbilical cord is wrapped around the baby. Arlene could no longer remember, for which reason did she lose consciousness of her medication, or the weakness of her heart because her husband had another woman. She wakes up the worried husband was in her sight with her dark eyes and it seems he does not sleep.

He said to her.


She did not talk to him.

“Arlene, I will explain to you.”

Arlene responded sharply.

“What? that you have another girl? We are not old enough you cheated already, it only our first born is twin you love become colder to me. You vow at the church! That’s just what your love, weak and fragile. Your only giving worthless love, that is what you can do.”

Her husband seemed offended and just came out after a while. Arlene is still at the back and crying. After a while she heard the hospital door was opened, there is one who holds her shoulder as though she were trying to drag him and move in front.

“Aaron, get out for a while, we cannot talk properly-mother!”

Her mother smiled.

“Congratulations my daughter, you already a mother.”


She was surprised when she saw her mother crying. She sadly said.

“Am I dreaming? My God, my mother, where have you been? ”

Her mother told her touching her head.

“I was ja1led in a foreign country my daughter, I thought I was hopeless. You’re very lucky to Aaron, he loves you very much, ”

She said, perhaps, that his mom was not only aware of the pain that Aaron had brought him now.

“What do you mean?”

Her mother explained.

“He’s struggling to find me in another country. He paid a lot, he bailed for me and also impr1s0n3d my employers for abus1ng me, he’s so tired, expense and difficulties just to surprise you. He just did not want to let you know my situation because of your pregnancy. ”

Arlene covered her mouth, so her husband was busy and seemed always thinking other! She almost cries and said.

“Ma, Can you call Aaron outside?”

He mother nodded happily and went out shortly, then Aaron came. He was carrying ice cream and almost begged at her. Aaron said to her.

“Honey or, it’s not bad for you. Honey sorry because attorneys who are talking to me at tonight I do not want to stress you so I kept secret- ”

Arlene tearfully closed his mouth and kissed him.

“I’m sorry,”

The doctor smilingly said to her.

“Maybe the twin will be followed soon?”

The couple were laughing and cries when their twin was brought inside by the nurse. They two were born shortly, but they were smiling and wake up. The couple is very happy, especially Arlene. Because of her husband, her life is complete.

What lesson you have learned in this story? do you immediately judge the unusual behavior of your husband? Kindly share your comments and reactions with us.

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