Have you ever caring for a dog or a pet with you? Dogs are considered the ‘Man’s Best friend”. They are well known for their loyalty and compassionate characters. They are also able to defend and rescue their owners even if their lives are at risk. This happened to Achy Wijaya where his pet dog sacrificed life to save him.

Wijaya told who lives in Merauke, Indonesia, on a sad incident, he heard that his pet dog was continuously barking. He thought that he might have seen a cat or other kind of animal. On that night, the bark of his dog stop and Wijaya continued his sleep.


The next morning, he was surprised to see that his dog was lying on the floor and poisoned. Wijaya wrote and posted on his Facebook account.

“A few days ago in the middle of the night, our home was targeted by some th1eves. However, they failed to r0b us because our pet dog kept barking. We only found out when we went out of the house in the morning. We saw that our dog has been po1soned by the th1eves,”

In addition to that.

“We wanted to take him to the vet but we live in Papua and the vet here usually only deals with farm animals. Besides, it was also a Sunday, so the vet’s clinic was closed as well.” “We tried to get rid of the po1son by making our dog drink milk. We also tried some oil and some coconut water. Unfortunately, it did not work.”

The brave dog was bur1ed at the back of the house of Wijaya. The tears from the dog’s eyes seem to say that he is not ready to leave with his owner Wijaya.it’s so sad to see a hero dog who l0st his life just because of the group of th1eves. He just posted this story on Facebook, the last time to see his pet dog be a reminder to the public about the incident.


What can you say about this? Have you ever care enough for your pet dog? Kindly share your comments and reactions with us.

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