Do you ever think of literally lay on the bed of money? It was proven by a family that they can also become a reality after they save for a year and share the amount of money they have accumulated in social media.

A netizen shared some pictures that really surprised many people! She was Abby Sarmiento Mendoza with almost two beds filled with the several amounts of bills and coins they had accumulated. Instead of “piggy bank” they use for their savings, a large fragile container that they have to put the money, just like raffle tickets at the malls.

In order to make them encourage, they also have drawings of their money-saving plans, planes, and houses are some of them that have been drawn. After months and nearly a year of budgeting and savings, they had already opened their containers, and they were so surprised that they had filled two beds of money.

Many netizens have been challenged and have encouraged to save same with this family. Surely if you really want to save it will not be any hindrance for this. Even in the present time full of expenses and small salaries, you really have to worry about whether you will spend more time and money on this type of savings.

But as elderly people say, if you want there is a way, if you don’t there are many reasons and alibis. It is also a wonderful lesson for many Filipino youths who seem to be forgetting the savings because of the many things and gadgets they care about.

What can you say about this? Have you ever plan to do a savings method and someday you can lay on the bed of money? Kindly share your comments, opinions, and reactions with us.

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